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ease - Englische PhrasenEase - Englische Redewendungen

A further increase is considered unlikely/regarded as unlikely After you, please any time you please anything to please As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar, i... as you please Attention, please! Be seated, please before entering please knock brain teaser Can you please speak loudly and clearly! Can you repeat that, please? Could you ask him/her to call me back, please Could you go and get the paper, please Could you lend me a hand with the packing, please? Could you please connect me to room 222? Could you please explain that to me Could you please repeat that? Could you please speak louder? Could you point me in the direction of the toilets [Br.]/restrooms [Am.] please? Could you put me through to Mr Mrs X, please Could you put me through to someone who speaks English, please Could you repeat what you said, please? Could you speak more slowly, please Death came as a release decrease in value Do as you please! ease of mind elbow-grease Enclosed please find Enclosed please find our credit note Ex-directory, please Excuse me, can you please say your name again? Excuse me, could I please use your facilities? feel ill at ease first release Gradually increase the amount of feed! grease monkey hard to please Have Take a seat, please He ceases to represent our company He is due for a pay increase He wasn’t any too pleased about her idea He’s a hard man to please He’s as pleased as Punch Hold the line/wire, please! How long have you been suffering from this disease? I am pleased to confirm my agreement, ... I am pleased to see you I was ill at ease I would be pleased to … I’d like some information about X, please I’d like to book a room from the 10th to the 12th, please I’m not very hungry so please don’t cook on my account I’m pleased to ... I’m pleased to meet you If a case requires immediate attention please contact ... If you are not in receipt of a questionnaire but would like to complete one, please get in touch with us If you grease well, you speed well If you have already settled this account please disregard this letter If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact ... If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me increase in expenses It increases annually Just a moment, please! like greased lightning May I have a word in your ear, please? mind is not at ease Move on, please! My mind is not at ease Next, please! No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. No posting please! One moment, please! One pizza with the whole works, please palm grease Pass me the salt, please Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused Please accept our best thanks Please acknowledge receipt of this letter Please acknowledge receipt of this order Please allow for at least two weeks’ notice Please allow us your very best terms Please answer as soon as possible. Please arrange for reimbursement of the value of the damaged goods. Please be on time Please be reminded of this for future reference Please bear with me Please book in conformity with our instructions Please cancel our order Please check Please check the oil Please check your change before leaving, as mistakes cannot be rectified later. Please clear the table Please communicate with us Please confirm receipt of the order. Please confirm whether/ if … Please confirm! Please consider the keen competition Please consider the order as cancelled Please continue to be available Please credit us for the amount Please debit my account with your expenses Please direct your enquiry to our friends Please do not write below this line Please do what you consider necessary Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance Please don’t put ideas into his head Please don’t trouble yourself Please effect insurance at your end Please excuse our overlooking this matter Please excuse the delay Please excuse the oversight Please find attached the document Please find enclosed ... Please forward Please forward the goods by train Please get in touch with our secretary, Mrs Barnes. Please get the bills discounted Please give my best regards to your wife! Please give us the lowest price at which you can supply Please inform me … Please inform us of your prices Please keep me posted Please keep me well informed Please keep one signed copy for your reference Please keep the copy signed by us Please let us know the current freight rate for sea/ rail/ air/ road transport. Please make a donation/give money to the poor of this parish Please note that our prices are subject to change without notice Please note the address of our office. Please note the expiration date of all offers Please pardon our dust Please print Please proceed to gate ! Please put it on/charge it to my account Please quote number 234.559 on all correspondence. Please refrain from smoking! Please regard my order as cancelled Please remind me to phone back Please reply no later than today Please reply without delay/ by return of post Please see to this while I’m away! Please send us the undermentioned goods. Please show courtesy to the other guests and speak in hushed tones Please speak more slowly Please state the purpose of your visit Please state your prices Please submit a quotation for a substitute. Please take a seat! Please take note Please try to make an attractive offer Please understand that this is not always possible Please use/state/indicate the booking number as payment reference Please wait a little! Please yourself! Please, do not disturb Please, help yourself! Pleased to meet you policy of appeasement Prices are on the decrease She is a real teaser. She is anxious to please That is the reason they are so pleased to find out other people’s secrets. It distracts public attention... That way please! The cause of these neurodegenerative diseases is still largely unknown. The claim has lapsed/ceased/become extinct The cure is worse than the disease The disease could depopulate a town the size of Munich The disease is contagious The lease was prematurely terminated The menu, please The movie is soon released The tenants are all up in arms about the latest increase in their rents The value of the house has increased fourfold This disease is a killer This is what the deceased would have wanted This train terminates here! Everyone, please leave the train. This way in, please This would be in accordance with the intentions of the deceased to appease thirst to award a wage increase to be anxious to please to be as pleased as Punch to be highly pleased to be ill at ease to be on the decrease to be on the increase to cease fire to crease up to do something with ease to ease off to ease one’s conscience to ease oneself to ease the pain to ease up to feel at ease with someone/something to find a new lease of life to give someone/something a new lease of/on life to grease someone’s palm to have a history of a disease to increase by leaps and bounds to let someone stew in their own grease/juice to live at ease to put someone at ease to set someone’s mind at ease/at rest to take a fresh lease on life to take a fresh/new lease on life to take a house on a 12-year lease to take a new lease of life to weasel Wait a minute, please! We are pleased to acknowledge your order of 1st July 2001. We are pleased to inform you that … We are pleased to place an order with you for 200 MCF computers. We are pleased to submit you a detailed quotation. We rented the house on a lease We would only be too pleased to assist you weasel words Well do it then if it pleases you Where is the Ladies’/?the Gents’ [Br.]/the ladies’ room/the men’s room [Am.], please? Where she lives she can do as she pleases Will wonders never cease! with ease Wonders will never cease Would you come this way please Would you please send me Would you please send us the following goods ... Would you please stop tapping your foot! You must have ants in your pants! Would you please supply us with the following goods ... You can buy the lease for a period of 20 years You can please yourself about where you sit You can’t please everybody You don’t ease off for a minute, do you?

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