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2 million copies have been sold in Germany to date basic history of Germany Brain up! - Germany is looking for its top universities But what will it be like, the future for young people in Germany? Furthermore, relations between Israel and Germany have developed in an unexpectedly positive manner Görlitz, Germany’s most easterly city, is one of the most beautiful Germany as a place to do business Germany is a tournament team! Germany is shocked by disproportionate police action in Stuttgart Have you ever been to Germany? Heavy rain lashes South Germany How would you describe the current trends of cooking in Germany? in the former East Germany It will be an England-Germany final More than 700,000 people in Germany fall victim to acts of violence each year Police use water cannons on demonstrators in Germany Possession of anabolic substances is exempt from prosecution in Germany Quiz-question: Do you know who Germany’s largest employer is? The collection is already on its way/en route to Germany The jazz scene in Germany is one of the liveliest in Europe The Munich Filmfest is Germany’s most important summer film festival The right to refuse military service has been enshrined in the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany si... The strained economic situation is exacerbating social problems in many urban districts throughout Germany There followed collaboration with successful firms in England, Germany and Sweden There was one of Germany’s largest asparagus cultivation areas here This is a seminal book, which will hopefully attract many readers in Germany to travel all over Germany to travel throughout Germany What would a picture book about Germany be without castles, palaces and cathedrals? With an expenditure of 58 billion euros for foreign travel in 2005, Germany was top of the league before the U... Yet even in Germany, changing social needs can result in functional illiteracy

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