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going - Englische PhrasenGoing - Englische Redewendungen

a constant coming and going And you think I’m going to pay for it? Catch me! Are you going to make a speech? as soon as he sussed what was going on Coffee gets one going Don’t worry, everything is going to be all right Dopey mare, why don’t you watch where you’re going! easy-going Everything is going to be alright General Motors is going ahead with its housecleaning. Today at the U.S. automaker the massive layoffs of skill... Going back to what I was saying ... going concern going to Jerusalem Going, going, gone! Good going! hard going He couldn’t care less about what’s going on around him He is going through a bad patch He is going to be a mechanic He’s going strong He’s going through a difficult phase heavy going How about going out together? How are things going? How’s it going? I am going on a long journey and won’t be home for a few weeks I discouraged her from going to the police I don’t know whether I’m coming or going I fancy going on a trip I must be going soft I must face up to the fact that I’m never going to be promoted in this organisation I see where you’re going with this I’m going by car I’m going to the pictures now I’m in favour of going I’m just going to pop in to the loo I’m not going to mince matters If he thinks he’s going to sell his house easily, he’s living in a fool’s paradise It’s a curious thing about the game of marriage - a game, by the way, that is going out of fashion - the... It’s been tough going lately It’s going to be my pleasure to meet you again it’s hard going It’s going to rack and ruin Look where you’re going! Nice going! not to be able to get going in the morning Nothing special is going on Nothing unusual is going on Nothing will prevent my going to Cologne Now that’s going too far Once he gets going ... outgoing call rough going She’s bent on going slow-going Something is going on steady going That’s going to far That’s going too far The coast is going to be clear tonight The continual coming and going The continual coming and going of The going is though The power stations are going full blast and giving off a quarter of the total amount of carbon dioxide generat... The shit is going to hit the fan soon The table was going at the auction for a mere song, so I bought it There is no use your telling me that you are going to be good. […] You are quite perfect. Pray, don’t ch... There’s some hanky-panky going on There’s some jiggery-pokery going on There’s something fishy going on here They are going to renege on their promise anyway Things are going from bad to worse Things in my life are definitely going smoothly To be going downhill to be going fine to be going great guns to be going nicely to be going places to be going smoothly to be going steady with to be going strong to be going to do something to be heavy going to do something like it was going out of fashion/style to get going to get something going to have much going for to have something going on with somebody to keep going to keep on going to not know whether one is coming or going Today, 20 full-time members of staff work alongside with five apprentices to keep the venue going We are not going to take legal action for the time being We’re going places What the hell’s going on? What’s going on? when the going gets rough when the going gets tough Without going into too much detail, allow me to mention ... You are going to play a trick on him? Count me out! you are not going to do the Lady Bountyful to me You can bet your bottom dollar, I’m not going to do that

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