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happy - Deutsche PhrasenHappy - Deutsche Redewendungen

Happyend, das

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happy - Englische PhrasenHappy - Englische Redewendungen

A happy and prosperous New Year to you! A happy fart never comes from a miserable ass. A happy outcome is worth waiting for A man can be happy with any woman, as long as he does not love her. as happy as a clam as happy as a king as happy as a king/lark/sandboy as happy as a lark as happy as a pig in muck As happy as a pig in muck as happy as happy could be as happy as Larry/sandpaper as happy as sandpaper Congratulations on the happy event! Happy anniversary! happy as a box of birds happy as a king Happy belated birthday! Happy birthday Happy birthday greetings for you! Happy birthday to you happy camper Happy cows give more milk Happy Easter! happy ending Happy holidays! happy hunting ground happy medium Happy motoring! Happy New Year! Happy-clappy happy-go-lucky happy-go-lucky fellow happy-go-lucky nature happy-omened He is a happy-go-lucky chap He is as happy as a sandboy Her second marriage was likewise unhappy Hours do not strike for a happy man I don’t feel happy about it I hope you have so much fun on your birthday that you’ll celebrate it annually from now on! Happy birthd... I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’ll be happy to convey the message Many happy returns of the day Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Merry/Happy Christmas! No wonder she’s unhappy; her husband has been leading her a dog’s life ever since their marriage Nothing should surprise us nowadays, except happy marriages. to be as happy as a pig in muck to be as happy as a pig in muck/shit to be as happy as a sandboy to be as happy as Larry to be as happy as the day is long to count oneself happy to feel happy about something to strike a happy medium to wish someone a happy birthday We believed him to be happy You make me so happy!

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