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head - Englische PhrasenHead - Englische Redewendungen

a chap with a big head A crown is no cure for a headache! a head like a sieve a splitting headache acid head ahead of the times ahead of time airhead All signs point to a successful year ahead anyone with ears in his head at the head at the top of one’s head bare-headed be at loggerheads be head over heels in love be like a deer/rabbit caught in the headlights big head blockhead bone head bonehead bubblehead butt head by a head by a short head Can you give me a heads up? Can’t you get it into your fat head that ? cash on the barrelhead cool-headed Cooler heads prevailed couldn’t get it out of my head crowned heads deadhead dick-head Don’t let it go to your head! Don’t put your head in the lion’s mouth! Don’t trouble your head about it dope head egghead enter one’s head family head Feigning a headache, I went upstairs to my room figurehead fountainhead from head to foot full steam ahead General enquiries are dealt with by our head office General Motors is going ahead with its housecleaning. Today at the U.S. automaker the massive layoffs of skill... get ahead Get it into your head! Get that idea out of your head! Go ahead and do it! Go ahead! hard-headed He always keeps a level head He can’t make head or tail of it He has his head in the clouds He has taken it into his head He hit his head on the beam He is a mouthy bighead. He is ahead of his time He is head over heels in love He keeps a civil tongue in his head He kept his head above water He rested his head against the wall He talks his head off He was appointed [as the] head of army intelligence He was head over heels in debt He won’t bite your head off He’s head over ears in love He’s really not quite right in his head head first head honcho head is spinning head is throbbing head of hair head on Head or tail head over heels head start head-count head-on collision headbanger headhunter heads or tails Heads up! Heads will roll! Heavy is the head that wears the crown Her early success went to her head Her head was resting on the table His eyes were popping out of his head hop head hop-head hot head I can do it [standing] on my head I can’t get that tune out of my head I can’t make head or tail of it I can’t make head or tail of this picture I don’t have eyes in the back of my head I don’t trouble my head about that I get my watch an hour ahead I set my watch an hour ahead I wore headphones lest I disturb anyone I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached/screwed on I’ll nip on ahead in over one’s head It has been a head scratcher for me It never entered my head It never entered my head [thoughts] keep a civil tongue in one’s head keep one’s head above water Keep your head! knucklehead Laughing my ass/head off! light in the head like a hole in the head Look ahead Look ahead! Man is the head, but woman turns it Mind your head! Modern/Today’s cars have/are equipped with headrests muttonhead My eyes nearly dropped out of my head! My eyes nearly popped out of my head My head is spinning My head is swimming My head is throbbing My head spins My head swims Not a hair of her head was hurt not make head or tail of something off the top of one’s head Off with his head! Oh speake againe bright angel, for thou art // As glorious to this night being o’er my head, // As is a ... one’s eyes nearly pop out of one’s head one’s head is spinning Our headmistress was a real old battleaxe pigheadedness pill-head Pinhead! pisshead Please don’t put ideas into his head pot head pot-head pudding-head raging headache She has a slight headache She nodded her head She passed her hand over her forehead She’s head over heels in love shithead Shockheaded Peter shrewd head silkhead sleepy head smack head Stop hitting on me, you dickhead straight ahead on stupid head Success has turned his head swellhead swivel head take into account a strong headwind take the head That gives me headaches That hits the headlines That’ll be on my head That’s above my head That’s over my head That’s way over my head The bank robber put/held a gun to her head and told the cashier to hand over the money The boat was unable to make much headway against the tide The European model points the way ahead for the world the head of the family The headline caught my eye this morning The situation has come to a head The wiser head gives in There are many things I want, and the only way I will get them is to keep my head down, listen to the right pe... They are always at loggerheads This is above my head Those who can’t use their head must use their back Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies Thou anointest my head with oil my cup runnet... to affect the head to bang one’s head against a brick wall to bang/run one’s head against a brick wall to bare one’s head to bash one’s head against a wall to bash someone’s head in to be a blockhead to be able to do something standing on one’s head to be at loggerheads with someone to be at the head to be daft in the head to be funny in the head to be head and shoulders above someone to be head over ears in debt/love to be head over heels in love to be in over your head with debt to be light in the head to be not quite right in the head to be off one’s chump/head to be off one’s head to be one jump ahead to be out of one’s head to be over someone’s head to be pigheaded to be soft in the head to be touched in the head to beat it into his head to beat something into someone’s head to bite someone’s head off to bob one’s head to bother one’s head about to bow one’s head to break someone’s head to bring the roof down on someone’s head to build up/work up a head of steam to bury one’s head in the sand to butt heads to chop off someone’s head to clear one’s head/mind to cock one’s head to come into one’s head to come out ahead to come to a head to come to loggerheads with to compete head to head with someone to date ahead to demand someone’s head to duck one’s head to edge one’s way ahead to enter one’s mind/head to forge ahead to get a swelled head to get ahead to get ahead of to get into one’s head to do something to get one’s head down to get one’s head out of the clouds to get one’s head together to get something into one’s head to get the go-ahead [from somebody] to give head to give someone a head start to give someone head to give the go-ahead to go ahead to grab the headlines to hang the head to have a better head-to-head record to have a good head for figures to have a good head for languages to have a headache to have a king-size headache to have a price on one’s head to have been dropped on one’s head by one’s mother to have no head for heights to have no head for numbers to have one’s head in the clouds to have one’s head in the sand to have one’s head on straight to have one’s head stuck up one’s arse to have rocks in one’s head to head to head down there to head for to head for a confrontation to head for a place to head for the rocks/a fall to head out to head someone off to head the poll to head the table to head up there to heap coals of fire on the head of someone to hit the headlines to hit the nail on the head to hold a pistol to someone’s head to hold one’s head up high to keep a civil tongue in one’s head to keep a cool head to keep a level head to keep ahead to keep one’s head to keep one’s head above water to keep one’s head below the parapet to laugh one’s head off to lean one’s head on someone’s shoulder to look ahead to loom ahead to lose one’s head to make headway to make no headway to make one’s head spin to need someone/something like a hole in the head to not be able to make heads or tails of something to not touch a hair of someone’s head to not trouble one’s head about something to poke one’s head into a hornet’s nest to put a price on someone’s head to put an idea in somebody’s head to put ideas into somebody’s head to put ideas into someone’s head to put one’s head above the parapet to put one’s heads together to run around like a headless chicken to rush headlong into disaster with one’s eyes wide open to scream one’s head off to shake one’s head to smite one’s forehead to spearhead to stand head and shoulders above the rest to stay ahead of the game to stay ahead of the pack to stick one’s head round a corner to swell someone’s head to take a header to talk one’s head off to trouble one’s head about something to turn someone’s head to wag one’s head to wet the baby’s head touched in the head tube head turn somebody’s brain head Two heads are better than one Ultimately, it really does not matter who heads the government Uneasie lyes the Head, that weares a Crowne. Use your head to save your feet Use your head to save your heels Use your head to save your legs Warning bells are ringing in my head We’re not making any headway Who’s ahead You chose to live here. Nobody put a gun to your head. You must be off your head! You need your head examined You’d forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on You’re off your heads - the lot of you!

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