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hit - Deutsche PhrasenHit - Deutsche Redewendungen

Affenhitze, die Architektur ist das Thema, das die Arbeit des Künstlers bestimmt Dabei kam es zu einem hitzigen Streit Das ist vielleicht eine Hitze! der Hit ein hitziges Gemüt ein hitziges Temperament Gestern war eine Affenhitze glühende Hitze eine Affenhitze Hitze des Gefechts hitzig hitziges Temperament hitzköpfig Hitzkopf, der Ich kann diese Hitze nicht ertragen in der Mikrowelle erhitzen Mir macht die Hitze nichts aus Was für ’ne Affenhitze! Wenn du die Hitze nicht verträgst, geh nicht in die Küche!

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hit - Englische PhrasenHit - Englische Redewendungen

A blind man may perchance hit the mark A blind man may sometimes hit the mark a load of balls/baloney/boloney/bollocks/bullshit/ bunk/ bunkum/ claptrap/fiddlesticks/malarkey/poppycock/rubb... a load of balls/baloney/boloney/bollocks/bullshit/ bunk/ bunkum/ claptrap/fiddlesticks/malarkey/poppycock/rubb... a load of bullshit a shitload a vision in white a white lie An animal ran onto the motorway and was hit by a lorry Architecture has been the subject that has dominated the artist’s work as different as black from white as sure as fate/shit as thick as a brick/pigshit/two short planks as white as a ghost as white as a sheet black-and-white thinking bullshit bullshitter But there’s a catch/a hitch chit-chat chitchat Does a bear shit in the woods? Don’t give me that bullshit! Don’t give me that crap/shit! Every man is the architect of his own fortune fuck all/shit all/sod all Get your arse in gear, or the shit will really hit the fan He has really hit the jackpot He hit his head on the beam He hit the mark he squeezes the nickel until the beaver shits He tried to prove that black is white Her comments really hit me where I live hit and run Hit me back hit or miss hit the ground running Hit the road hit-and-run accident hit-and-run driver hit-and-run driving hit-and-run-driver hither and thither How did you hit on that? I don’t give a shit I don’t give a shit about that I don’t have to take any shit from you! I have it in black and white I was on the point of giving up when I suddenly hit upon the solution in black and white In Sweden it is against the law to hit a child it’s a cake of lies with bullshit icing It’s a white elephant like hit by a bomb like shit through a goose little white lie lucky hit mid-tempo bullshit My father hit the ceiling when I damaged the car name hitherto unknown No shit! Same shit every day She was dressed in a white coat She’s built like a brick shithouse shit shit about Shit fire and apple butter! Shit happens! Shit or get off the pot! shit outta luck shit-house shitface shitfaced shithead shitter shitty smash-hit stop hitting on me Stop hitting on me, you dickhead That hit home That hits the headlines That remark scored a hit The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles The shit hits/hit the fan The shit is going to hit the fan soon The shit turns me bananas The shit’s gonna hit the fan the shits then the shit will really hit the fan There is a hitch somewhere There it is in black and white This place looks like it’s been hit by a bomb to be a hit/make a hit with someone to be as happy as a pig in muck/shit to be as soft as shit to be as thick as a brick/pigshit/two short planks to be bored out of one’s mind/skull/bored rigid/bored shitless/bored stiff/bored to death to be hit by unemployment to be in deep doo-doo/shit to be in deep shit to be on the shit list to be right there in black and white to be scared shitless to be shit hot to be up shitcreek to be white knuckles to beat seven kinds/shades of shit out of someone to bleed him white to bleed someone dry/white to depict in black and white [terms] to get hitched to get one’s shit together to get shit to give someone shit to go ape/apeshit to go off without a hitch to have a hitch in one’s getalong to hit a blow to hit a hot bottom to hit a snag to hit back at somebody [verbally] to hit below the belt to hit home to hit it big to hit it off to hit on all cylinders to hit on it to hit on problems to hit on someone to hit on something to hit on the notion of doing something to hit one’s funny bone to hit pay dirt to hit puberty to hit rock bottom to hit someone for a loan to hit someone hard to hit someone home to hit someone in the teeth with something to hit someone plumb on the nose to hit someone square in the chest to hit speeds of to hit the ball to hit the bar to hit the big time to hit the books to hit the bottle to hit the brakes to hit the bricks to hit the bull’s eye to hit the bull’s eye to hit the ceiling/roof to hit the front page to hit the hay to hit the headlines to hit the jack-pot to hit the jackpot to hit the mark to hit the nail on the head to hit the pillow to hit the road to hit the road again to hit the roof to hit the sack to hit the skids to hit the spot to hit town to hit upon to hitch a lift to hitch one’s wagon to a star to hitch-hike to knock the stuffing/shit out of someone to knock/hit someone/something for six to not be worth shit/a plugged nickel/a tinker’s cuss to not give a shit to not take shit from someone to put the hit on someone To refer to his private affairs in public was hitting below the belt to score a hit with someone to shit bricks to show the white feather to swear that black is white to talk a lot of pigshit to talk on the big white telephone to turn white tough shit Two blacks do not make a white What a crock of shit! What fucking shit! when the shit hits the fan where the rubber hits the road white anglo-saxon protestant white elephant white goods white lie white lightning white pages white trash whitey Whitsuntide Why don’t you hit on her without a hitch Without money we’re up shit creak without a paddle You are a clever shit! You won’t see me swimming in that shit! You’re full of shit!

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