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keep - Englische PhrasenKeep - Englische Redewendungen

A bishop keeps on saying at the age of eighty what he was told to say when he was a boy of eighteen. A hedge between keeps friendship green Am I my brother’s keeper? An apple a day keeps the doctor away An axe in the house keeps the carpenter away Barely enough to keep body and soul together Can you keep a secret? Can’t you keep still? Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself! Don’t keep asking me Don’t keep asking! Don’t keep crying Don’t keep prying into my things! Don’t let me keep you! Finders keepers! Goalkeepers are not born today until they’re in their late twenties or thirties. Having five children keeps us on the go He always keeps a level head He gets his girlfriend to keep him He keeps a civil tongue in his head He keeps giving me that line about ... He keeps us on the go He looked such a sight that it was impossible for us to keep a straight face He’s not one to keep his opinions to himself Home-keeping youth have ever homely wits. How hard it is for women to keep secrets! I am afraid I will not be able to keep the appointment I made for Friday 17th June. I decided to keep him at arm’s length I’ll keep a jealous watch over you! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! I’m sorry to keep you waiting In the Catalogue ye goe for men, As Hounds, and Greyhounds, Mungrels, Spaniels, Curres, Showghes, Water-Rugs, ... In the wild struggle for existence, we want to have something that endures, and so we fill our minds with rubb... It is very difficult sometimes to keep awake, especially at church. It’s yours for keeps keep a civil tongue in one’s head Keep a distance! Keep at it! Keep cool! Keep dry! keep in ignorance Keep in mind that ... keep in touch with Keep in touch with the market Keep in touch! Keep it dark! Keep it simple and stupid Keep it under your hat! Keep it zipped! Keep me informed Keep me posted on how the project is coming along, will you Keep moving Keep moving! Keep off my pitch! Keep off the grass! keep one’s head above water keep one’s wits about one Keep out Keep out of mischief! Keep out of this! Keep out! keep pace with Keep plugging away! Keep quiet! Keep silent! keep something on ice Keep taking the tablets! Keep talking! Keep the change! Keep the faith! Keep the odd money! Keep this private! Keep to your left! Keep to your right Keep to your seats! keep track of somebody Keep up the good work! Keep your breath to cool your porridge! Keep your chin up! Keep your cool! Keep your eyes peeled! keep your guard up Keep your guard up! Keep your hair on! Keep your hands off! Keep your head! Keep your mouth shut! Keep your nose clean Keep your nose to the grindstone! Keep your paws/mitts off! Keep your pearls of wisdom to yourself Keep your pecker up! Keep your pecker up, Peter! It won’t hurt Keep your powder dry! Keep your seats! Keep your shirt on Keep your tail up Keep your tail up! Keep your temper! Keep your trap shut! Keep your voice down! keeping it short and sweet Let’s keep a sense of proportion Let’s keep this quiet! Let’s keep this to ourselves! Let’s play for keeps Mind you, keep warm! O serpent heart, hid with a flowring face! // Did ever dragon keepe so faire a cave? Our troops take part in the UN peacekeeping mission Please keep me posted Please keep me well informed Please keep one signed copy for your reference Please keep the copy signed by us She asked her neighbour to keep an eye on the children She could hardly/scarcely keep her eyes open She had the good grace to keep quiet on the subject That will keep you out of mischief That’ll keep him out of mischief That’s not in keeping with his position The critics have trouble keeping up The goalkeeper has always been an important figure in German football The weather is keeping up The weather keeps up There are many things I want, and the only way I will get them is to keep my head down, listen to the right pe... These and others like them are the questions I keep hearing These essays are very short, so every word must earn its keep They had just enough to keep the wolf from the door They keep on talking about the same old stuff Thou shalt remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy to be in keeping with to be in keeping with the proprieties to be in keeping with the rules to be in safe keeping to earn one’s keep to hold/keep something/someone at bay to keep a check on to keep a civil tongue in one’s head to keep a close watch to keep a cool head to keep a diary to keep a family to keep a firm grip/hold on something/on oneself to keep a level head to keep a lid on to keep a low profile to keep a person waiting to keep a pledge to keep a promise to keep a record to keep a rule to keep a secret to keep a sharp eye on somebody to keep a stiff upper lip to keep a straight face to keep a term to keep a tight hold of something to keep a tight lid on something to keep a tight rein on someone/something to keep a wife and family to keep abreast with to keep ahead to keep alive to keep aloof from to keep an appointment to keep an even keel to keep an eye on to keep an eye out for someone/something to keep an open mind to keep at arm’s length to keep at it to keep bad company to keep body and soul together to keep calm to keep clear of to keep company to keep cool to keep dark to keep doing something to keep down to keep early hours to keep fit to keep going to keep good company to keep house to keep in check to keep in good condition to keep in good memory to keep in good repair to keep in safe custody to keep in shape to keep in sight to keep in stock to keep in suspense to keep in touch to keep in view to keep it private to keep it rolling to keep late hours to keep money in the bank to keep mum to keep off from to keep off something to keep on going to keep on trucking to keep one’s bed to keep one’s cards close to one’s chest/close to the vest to keep one’s chin up to keep one’s cool to keep one’s counsel to keep one’s countenance to keep one’s distance to keep one’s ear to the ground to keep one’s ears open to keep one’s eyes glued to someone/something to keep one’s eyes peeled/skinned to keep one’s faith to keep one’s feet on the ground to keep one’s figure to keep one’s fingers crossed to keep one’s hair on to keep one’s hair/shirt on to keep one’s hand in to keep one’s hands off something to keep one’s head to keep one’s head above water to keep one’s head below the parapet to keep one’s lines of retreat open to keep one’s mind on something to keep one’s mouth shut tight to keep one’s nerve to keep one’s nose clean to keep one’s nose out to keep one’s own counsel to keep one’s promise to keep one’s shape to keep one’s tail up to keep one’s word to keep oneself in check to keep one’s balance to keep out of danger to keep out of debt to keep out of harm’s way to keep out of reach of someone to keep out of sight to keep out of someone’s affairs to keep out of the sun to keep pace with to keep prices down to keep records to keep regular hours to keep several balls in the air to keep shtoom about something to keep silent to keep someone at a distance to keep someone at arm’s length to keep someone at it to keep someone company to keep someone from doing something to keep someone in countenance to keep someone in line to keep someone in mind to keep someone informed to keep someone on tenterhooks to keep someone on the back burner to keep someone on the go/on the run/on the trot/on his toes to keep someone posted to keep someone waiting to keep something at the back of one’s mind to keep something dark to keep something in mind to keep something private to keep something under one’s hat to keep something up-to-date to keep something with someone to keep step with to keep still to keep straight on to keep tab on to keep the ball rolling to keep the ball running to keep the flag flying to keep the golden mean to keep the minutes to keep the pot boiling to keep the sense of proportion to keep the wolf from the door to keep them straight to keep things separate to keep things ticking over to keep things to oneself to keep to oneself to keep to something to keep together to keep track of to keep turning up like a bad penny to keep under control to keep under wraps to keep up appearances to keep up prices to keep up to date to keep up with someone/something to keep up with the Joneses to keep up with the time to keep up with the times to keep up-to-date to keep waiting to keep warm to keep watch to keep within to keep within a limit to keep within bounds to keep within compass to keep/put by/save up something for a rainy day to keep/stand aloof of something to keep/stay mum to keep/stay on the straight and narrow to keep/stay out of harm’s way to keep/stick to the point to not be able to keep anything down to not be able to keep one’s mind off something to set a fox to keep the geese to trust the cat to keep the cream Today, 20 full-time members of staff work alongside with five apprentices to keep the venue going We had very little to talk about and it was rather a hard job to keep the ball rolling We’re keeping you up-to-date You are at fault in keeping the truth from him You can keep the appointment You have to keep trying. You may just keep it [I don’t want to have it] You may keep it for good

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