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A large crowd collected a large helping of something a sufficiently large stock as large as life by and large Ever more frequently, he seeks a response from a large audience for his passion about owning art Her anger was writ large in her face His anger was written large in his face in large part Labour emerged as the largest party in the elections larger than life on a small/large scale Quiz-question: Do you know who Germany’s largest employer is? The cause of these neurodegenerative diseases is still largely unknown. The company has recently netted several large contracts The nineteenth century, as we know it, is largely an invention of Balzac. The term ’prêt-à-porter’, or ’ready-to-wear’, denotes the large-scale production of ap... The three bank robbers are still at large The US has a proclivity for large cars. There are even collections of these borrowed words and a large number are correctly derived There was one of Germany’s largest asparagus cultivation areas here They got conned into paying large sums of money This is an example of bureaucracy writ large to remain at large to approach large investors to be at large to be found in large numbers to cut a large melon to dwell largely on something to have large shoes to fill to loom large to talk at large to talk large With larger classes there is a lack of challenge for the more gifted students

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