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late - Deutsche PhrasenLate - Deutsche Redewendungen

Ich bin mit meinem Latein am Ende! Jägerlatein, das Kürbislaterne, die Laternenzug, der mit seinem Latein am Ende mit seinem Latein am Ende sein

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late - Englische PhrasenLate - Englische Redewendungen

a bar of chocolate a clean slate Abstinence is the leading cause of immaculate conceptions at the latest belated best wishes Belated best wishes! Better late than never Better late than never, but better never late Blogging is latest craze by no later than wednesday by the time stipulated calculated risk Catch you later! Charges are calculated on a time-and-materials basis data to be circulated discombobulated full plate Goalkeepers are not born today until they’re in their late twenties or thirties. Happy belated birthday! Have you heard the latest? He came all right, but too late He came alright, but too late He had nothing to say apropos of the latest developments He has got a slate missing He has too much on his plate He later berated himself for having been so careless He usually sleeps in/late on Sunday mornings He was always late on principle, his principle being that punctuality is the thief of time. He who comes too late will be punished by life He’ll come along later He’s late as usual He’s late, but he’s coming after all help was too late her latest food fad I apologize for being late I congratulate you! I congratulated him on his success I might possibly come a bit later I took notes which I will work up into a report later I’ll be back later I’ll call back later I’ve been extremely busy lately I’ve been very self-indulgent lately If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out. In case it should be late In it, Herder reflects almost the all the latest findings in the science and the humanities of his time in later life It is never too late to learn It is never too late to mend It isn’t too late yet for me to go it was too late to help It wasn’t handed to him on a plate It’s almost too late! It’s been tough going lately It’s getting late It’s too late Johnny-come-lately late bloomer late harvest wine late in life lateral thinker Let’s draw a veil over what happend later on my late father No liability can be accepted for loss or late delivery non-allocated pension-related income Perhaps we could return to your question later on Please check your change before leaving, as mistakes cannot be rectified later. Please reply no later than today She is apt to be late She later berated herself for having been so careless something one has not calculated upon sooner or later Sooner or later in political life one has to compromise. Sooner or later, fashion comes full circle Talk to you later That’s the latest fashion fad The disease could depopulate a town the size of Munich The election is slated for next Friday the garden is kept immaculate The latest findings of the police bear witness to his innocence The recipe is [calculated] for ten persons The significance of this latest twist in politics can hardly be exaggerated The tenants are all up in arms about the latest increase in their rents There is a fatality about good resolutions - that they are always made too late. This regulation has yet again been violated This, however, is not an isolated phenomenon to be a bit/rather late in the day to be able to relate to something to be late to call a halt before it’s too late to clean up one’s plate to contemplate one’s navel to copulate to excuse oneself for being late to get hungry/late/tired/warm to hand something to someone on a silver plate/platter to have a clean slate to have a lot on one’s plate to have a slate loose to keep late hours to percolate coffee to put something off until later to regulate by law to stimulate customers’ interests to stimulate the economy to take in the late spots to take the late spots to translate into euros to translate word by word to violate a sanctuary to wipe the slate clean unless otherwise stipulated We will pay within the stipulated time What is your latest quotation for ...? within the stipulated time You go on now! I’ll catch you up later You’re as useless as a chocolate fireguard

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