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leave - Englische PhrasenLeave - Englische Redewendungen

A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one count... A single snafu by an airline can leave a lasting impression on travellers absence without leave And when is it you’d like to leave As far as I’m concerned you can leave at once away on leave beaver leaver by your leave Can I leave a message Denmark will lose an important ally when the United Kingdom leaves its chair at the EU. Don’t leave me in the lurch! Either you leave now or I call the police! He is about to leave He took French leave He was getting ready to leave He’s told us we have to leave the flat/apartment How did they leave things at the end of the meeting? I can take it or leave it I was just about to leave I’m just gonna leave it here for now. I’m under notice to leave I’ve got to leave now It has not failed to leave its mark on her It leaves me cold It leaves you spechless Leave her alone! Leave it to me! leave me alone Leave me alone! leave of absence Leave that book alone! leave word with someone Let’s leave it at that Let’s leave it at that! One should leave off with an appetite Pope John Paul II leaves behind a difficult legacy Show it to her and you’ll have her in stitches / rolling on the floor with laughter / and it will leave ... Stand clear, the train is about to leave! Take it or leave it! That leaves me cold The menu describes this dish as medium hot, which leaves me wondering what a very hot dish would taste like the train leaves at 3 They had to leave the country at a moment’s notice This train terminates here! Everyone, please leave the train. to apply for leave to ask for a week’s leave to ask leave to do something to ask leave to speak to ask someone to leave to ask someone’s leave to be just about to leave to be on sick leave to be under notice to leave to go on leave to leave a decision until to leave a lasting impression on someone to leave a lot to be desired to leave a margin to leave a mark to leave a message to leave a narrow margin to leave a sinking ship to leave about to leave ajar to leave alone to leave an impression to leave behind to leave blank to leave blood on the carpet to leave for to leave for good to leave for Shanghai to leave go of to leave in a huff to leave in the dark to leave it at something to leave little/much/nothing to be desired to leave no doubt to leave no stone unturned to leave nothing undone to leave off work to leave one’s job to leave one’s mark to leave oneself open to leave out in the cold to leave out of count to leave room for doubt to leave school to leave someone to leave someone alone to leave someone badly off to leave someone behind to leave someone cold to leave someone hanging to leave someone high and dry to leave someone holding the baby to leave someone holding the bag to leave someone in peace to leave someone in the lurch to leave someone out in the rain to leave someone something to leave someone to his own devices to leave someone unmoved to leave someone waiting to leave something half-done to leave something over to leave something to chance to leave something unchanged to leave something undone to leave something untouched to leave the car behind and walk to leave the choice to the seller to leave the country to leave the door open to leave the door open for further negotiations to leave the engine running to leave the peas to soak overnight to leave the rails to leave the work to someone to leave void to leave well alone to leave word with someone to leave work to read tea leaves to send/leave someone a note to take leave to take leave of one’s senses to take the French leave We are due to leave in half an hour Would you like to leave a message

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