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letter - Deutsche PhrasenLetter - Deutsche Redewendungen

Diese Felswand bietet sich zum Klettern geradezu an in den Bäumen herumklettern kompletter Idiot

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letter - Englische PhrasenLetter - Englische Redewendungen

ambiguous letter body of a letter Dear John letter four-letter word From my letter you will see that ... From your letter it would appear that ... I had my letters sent to general delivery I will post the letter first thing tomorrow morning I’ll send you a letter of confirmation immediately If you have already settled this account please disregard this letter in reply to your letter in reply to your letter of letter-perfect Please acknowledge receipt of this letter red-letter day The letter did not indicate a date the letter doesn’t indicate whether ... the letter doesn’t say whether ... The letter reads as follows The letter reads as follows ... the letters crossed The name was mentioned in the covering letter The provisions have well-nigh degenerated into dead letter the world of letters to dash off a note/letter to learn from a letter to mail a letter to post a letter to the letter to use four-letter words to write a bread-and-butter letter We kept up a correspondence / maintained an exchange of letters for many years We refer to our letter of … With reference to my letter of … With reference to your letter of 12th May 2002. with regard to your letter of with regard to your letter of ...

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