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lot - Deutsche PhrasenLot - Deutsche Redewendungen

Alles im Lot Dauerglotzer, der durch die Stadt lotsen ein Klotz am Bein ein Klotz am Bein haben ein Komplott gegen jemanden schmieden Er glotzte/schaute wie ein Schwein ins Uhrwerk Er ist mir ein Klotz am Bein Es ist mir ein Klotz am Bein flott flott leben Freunde in der Not gehen tausend auf ein Lot Glotzaugen Glotze, die glotzen jemandem ein Klotz am Bein sein Klotz am Bein klotzig Kürzel für einen vermeintlichen Komplott, Flugzeuge am 16. August abzuschießen. nicht kleckern, klotzen ranklotzen rauchen wie ein Schlot Schülerlotse, der / Schülerlotsin, die schlotternde Knie haben Seit Jahren wünsche ich mir, im Lotto zu gewinnen verlottern verlottert wie ein gestochenes Kalb glotzen

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lot - Englische PhrasenLot - Englische Redewendungen

a fat lot A fat lot I care! a fat lot of good/use A fat lot of use you are! a hell of a lot a hell/heck of a lot/person A lot of agencies fell by the wayside during the recession a lot of bunk/folderol A lot you know [about it]! a man of the cloth accept your lot After saying he agreed to the terms, he tried to back out by making a lot of conditions bad lot blot on the landscape blotto But a lot’s being built outside of Berlin, too Children remember details from movies, even if they miss the plot Children, particularly small ones, require a lot of attention clot clothes hung out to dry Clothes make the man Cut your coat according to your cloth dirty lot dress clothes flotsam and jetsam German pilots flew 75 per cent of the sorties Get out, the lot of you! groovy clothes hand-me-down clothes hard lot He believes that this concept has a lot to offer He gets about a lot He has a lot of experience of dealing with the media He has a lot of work He met a lot of people on his travels in/around the Far East He owes a lot to her He will need a lot of one-on-one attention He’s taking a lot of flak hell of a lot I have been wishing for a lotto win for years I have neither part nor lot in this I learned a lot from teachers and students alike I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered. I was able to channel a lot of my bitterness into action I’ve improved a lot In a village like that naturally people talk a lot In Japan there is a lot of emphasis on politeness In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded a... It could do us a lot of good It falls to my lot to It means a lot to me It requires a lot of trust It requires a lot of trust to transfer the money in advance It takes a lot of confidence It takes a lot of time It takes some/a lot of chutzpah to propose this It’s a lot too thin! it’s not an awful lot better It’s time that I cleaned up my room. It’s full of flotsam and jetsam Just piss off, the lot of you! knock about clothes lots of lolly not a hell of a lot out of whole cloth She gives me a lot of trouble She had to swallow a lot She makes her own clothes She met a lot of people on her travels in/around the Far East Take the lot That doesn’t mean a lot That doesn’t mean a lot That tops the lot That’s a lot, even by our standards That’s saying a lot The attackers got a lot of loot in the robbery The plot thickens There are lots of portable media players on the market, but many are just iPod copycats There was a lot of laughter There’s still a lot to be done They may attend the meetings, but may not cast a vote/ballot They produce electricity - and lots of it. This house is worth a lot to be cut from the same cloth to be fussy about clothes to be still in one’s swaddling- clothes to be under a lot of strain to cast a ballot to cast in one’s lot with to cast lots to change one’s clothes to cut one’s coat to suit one’s cloth to give someone a lot of trouble to give someone/something a lot of stick to have a lot in common to have a lot on one’s plate to have a lot to/nothing to lose to have a lot upstairs to have blotted one’s copybook to have to take a lot of knocks to lay the cloth to leave a lot to be desired to lose the plot to make a lot of fuss about to make a lot of noise about something to make/raise a lot of dust to play the slot machine to play the slots to plot against someone to put a lot into something to put a lot of effort/time into something to stand to lose/gain a lot to take a lot of stick to talk a lot of pigshit to throw in one’s lot with someone to wear sackcloth and ashes We drew lots wolf in sheep’s clothing You have changed a lot You’re off your heads - the lot of you!

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