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next - Englische PhrasenNext - Englische Redewendungen

Better luck next time! By rights, it should be my turn next By this time next week I’ll be on holiday Can we move onto the next item? Cleanliness is next to godliness for next to nothing For orders within the next five weeks we grant an early-order discount of 15 for this/ coming/ next month God only knows what’ll happen next! He contributed next to nothing He is next door He says he’ll give me the money next week but I think he’s just stalling for time He’s away on a business trip and won’t be back until next week How are you fixed for money/next Sunday ? I must get round to cleaning my car next weekend I’m free all next week I’m getting off at the next station I’m planning to fly to Bangkok next month It is love, and not German philosophy, that is the true explanation of this world, whatever may be the explana... it’s ’do this’ one minute and ’do that’ the next May I have the next dance? My cousin is coming over from England next week My next item is ... My promise to come next Sunday still holds good next door to next to next to impossible next to last next to nothing Next to you I’m slim Next week, he will make his last appearance for the club Next year everything will be different! Next, please! not until next week Our profit would be next to nothing See you next Tuesday! She says she’ll give me the money next week but I think she’s just stalling for time That will have to last for the next few month The company is likely to shutter the division next month The election is slated for next Friday The girls were nuts about the boy next door The items are in stock and should be ready for dispatch by next Wednesday. the next best thing to the next but one The next elections in Britain will be one horse race The next game is always the toughest. The next major challenge for the company is to improve its distribution capabilities The next thing when she waking lookes upon, Be it on Lyon, Beare, or Wolfe, or Bull, On medling Monkey, or on ... This Hamburg band is currently in the process of putting material together for their next CD This is next door to a miracle to be next in line to execute the order by the end of next week up one minute - down the next We don’t want the audience to listen to tedious product presentations at the next sales event We notified his next-of-kin of his death We shall not know until next year We will meet/rise to the challenges of the next few years We’ll be doing that next week We’re living next door to each other What next What next? Whatever next! which leads us to the next item Whose turn is it next? within the next two days

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