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note - Deutsche PhrasenNote - Deutsche Redewendungen

den gordischen Knoten lösen einer Sache eine persönliche Note geben mit bester Note bestehen

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note - Englische PhrasenNote - Englische Redewendungen

crib notes editor’s note Enclosed please find our credit note He entered the name in a notebook I took notes which I will work up into a report later I’ll make a note of it Note I say it’s very important noted and historic places On a lighter note, we are planning a party before the summer holidays Please note that our prices are subject to change without notice Please note the address of our office. Please note the expiration date of all offers Please take note She went over her notes The address began on a personal note The term ’prêt-à-porter’, or ’ready-to-wear’, denotes the large-scale production of ap... to break a ten pound note to compare notes to dash off a note/letter to send/leave someone a note to strike a sour note to strike the right note to take no note/notice of to take note of to take note of something to take/make notes Under seperate cover you will receive a credit note for the sum of € 1.000. unless otherwise noted

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