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one’s - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'one’s' gefunden

one’s - Englische PhrasenOne’s - Englische Redewendungen

a thorn in one’s flesh/side a turn in one’s favor ability to earn one’s livelihood After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations. against one’s better judgment all one’s gear All trials are trials for one’s life, just as all sentences are sentences of death and three times have ... an albatross around one’s neck anyone’s guess apple of one’s eye as a sop to someone’s pride at one’s elbow at one’s last breath at one’s own expense at one’s own risk at the cost of one’s life at the end of one’s tether at the price of losing one’s health at the risk of one’s life at the top of one’s head at the top of one’s voice bad taste in one’s mouth be a thorn in someone’s flesh be at one’s wits ends be sparing with one’s praise beneath one’s dignity boost to one’s ego buzzing in one’s ears by one’s own account by one’s own choice by one’s own hand By the scruff of one’s neck by the skin of one’s teeth by the sweat of one’s brow cross one’s fingers cruelty to one’s fellow citizens cup one’s hands around something Davy Jone’s locker days of one’s youth demand one’s attention down to someone’s whim eat one’s heart out elbow one’s way enter one’s head follow one’s nose for one’s own end for someone’s own good For what is Truth? In matters of religion, it is simply the opinion that has survived. In matters of science, ... fresh in one’s mind from the corner of one’s eye get one’s fingers burned go back on one’s word grist for/to someone’s mill have one’s heart in one’s boots He is really not so ugly after all, provided, of course, that one shuts one’s eyes, and does not look at... He is very proud and will never lick anyone’s boots Home is where one’s heart is hot on someone’s heels/trail If one wants to have one’s busines well done, one must do it oneself in one’s best bib and tucker in one’s birthday suit in one’s mind’s eye in one’s own good time in one’s prime in one’s right mind in one’s sole discretion in over one’s head in someone’s honor in someone’s place in the heyday of one’s power It is only a stone’s throw away It is only by not paying one’s bills that one can hope to live in the memory of the commercial classes. It is perfectly monstrous […] the way people go about nowadays saying things against one behind one’s ba... It makes one feel sick to the pit of one’s stomach It’s only a stone’s throw from here jog someone’s memory keep one’s head above water keep one’s wits about one know one’s stuff lay aside one’s worries let grass grow under one’s feet lie through one’s teeth loss of one’s livelihood matter that is near to one’s heart Misfortunes one can endure - they come from outside, they are accidents. But to suffer for one’s own fau... money burns a hole in someone’s pocket no skin off one’s nose not everyone’s cup of tea/not everyone’s money not to have a penny to one’s name not to mince one’s words of one’s own accord off one’s own bat off the top of one’s head on one’s own account on one’s own free will on one’s own hook on one’s own property on one’s tod One shouldn’t let the grass grow under one’s feet one’s blood is up one’s countenance falls one’s cup runneth over One’s days were too brief to take the burden of another’s errors on one’s shoulders. Each ma... one’s ears are burning one’s eyes nearly pop out of one’s head one’s fingers itch one’s gorge rises at one’s head is spinning one’s own flesh and blood One’s past is what one is. It is the only way by which people should be judged. one’s patent remedy for hangovers out of one’s tree out of the corner of one’s eye out of the goodness of one’s heart provision for one’s old age push one’s luck rest on one’s laurels screw up one’s courage set one’s mind to someone’s weak/strong point stick to one’s guns stone’s throw sweapt off one’s feet sweep across one’s mind That’s anyone’s guess The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here... the apple of one’s eye the pit of one’s stomach to accept one’s fate to adjust one’s tie to adopt as one’s own to air/wash one’s dirty linen in public to answer one’s wishes to anticipate someone’s every wish to appeal to someone’s honor to ask around one’s colleagues to ask someone’s forgiveness to ask someone’s leave to assert one’s influence to assert one’s position to assure one’s position to atone for one’s wrongs to attempt someone’s life to bang one’s head against a brick wall to bang/run one’s head against a brick wall to banish from one’s mind to bare one’s head to bare one’s heart/soul to someone to bare one’s teeth to barely taste one’s food to bash one’s head against a wall to bash someone’s head in to be a drain on one’s pocket to be a drain on someone’s means/pocket to be a millstone round someone’s neck to be a millstone/an albatross round someone’s neck to be a nail in someone’s coffin to be a scorn to one’s colleagues to be a shadow of one’s former self to be a thorn in someone’s flesh/side to be able to do something standing on one’s head to be able to do something with one’s eyes closed to be able to do what one likes with one’s time to be able to state one’s position to be as good as one’s word to be at one’s best to be at one’s last gasp to be at one’s wits end to be at someone’s beck and call to be at someone’s beck and call / to be at the beck and call of someone to be at someone’s command to be at someone’s disposal to be at someone’s feet to be at the end of one’s rope to be at the end of one’s tether to be at the zenith of one’s career to be back on one’s feet to be back on one’s feet again to be better than one’s word to be beyond one’s purse to be beyond one’s reach to be beyond one’s scope to be beyond someone’s grasp to be bored out of one’s mind to be bored out of one’s mind/skull/bored rigid/bored shitless/bored stiff/bored to death to be bored out of one’s tiny little mind to be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth to be branded on one’s memory to be burnt into someone’s mind to be caught in someone’s meshes to be caught with one’s pants down to be chucked out on one’s ear to be clear in one’s mind about something to be dead on one’s feet to be dear to someone’s heart to be determined to get one’s way to be down on one’s luck To be down on one’s uppers to be down on/upon one’s luck to be entrusted in someone’s care to be equal to something/one’s task to be fixed in one’s ways to be flat on one’s face to be fond of one’s drops To be frightened of one’s own shadow to be hard on someone’s heels To be hardly able to stay on one’s feet To be hoist with one’s own petard to be hoisted by one’s own petard to be in arrears with one’s payments to be in it up to one’s neck to be in one of one’s moods to be in one’s cups to be in one’s glad rags/Sunday best to be in one’s infancy to be in one’s prime to be in someone’s care to be in someone’s clutches to be in someone’s debt to be in someone’s good books/good favor to be in someone’s graces to be in someone’s pocket to be kept with one’s nose to the grindstone to be master in one’s own house to be modest about one’s achievements to be near to someone’s heart to be off one’s chump/head to be off one’s head to be off one’s nut to be off one’s oats to be off one’s rocker to be off one’s trolley to be on everyone’s lips to be on one’s back to be on one’s beam ends to be on one’s beam-ends to be on one’s best behaviour to be on one’s feet to be on one’s guard to be on one’s last leg/legs to be on one’s last legs to be on one’s own to be on one’s toes to be on one’s way home to be on someone’s side to be on someone’s tail to be on the tip of one’s tongue to be one’s first baby to be one’s own enemy to be one’s own man to be one’s own master to be one’s own worst enemy to be one’s pride and joy to be out in one’s estimation to be out of one’s depth to be out of one’s element to be out of one’s gourd to be out of one’s hair to be out of one’s hands to be out of one’s head to be out of one’s mind to be out of one’s senses to be out of one’s tree to be out on one’s ear to be over someone’s head to be past one’s prime to be pissed out of one’s mind to be pissing in one’s pants [from fear] to be printed on one’s mind to be quick on one’s pins to be right down/up someone’s ally to be right on someone’s heels to be right under one’s nose to be right up someone’s street to be sent off with a flea in one’s ear to be set in one’s ways to be shaky on one’s pins to be snapping at someone’s heels to be someone’s baby to be someone’s cup of tea to be someone’s equal to be someone’s funeral to be someone’s pigeon to be stamped on one’s memory to be still in one’s swaddling- clothes to be taking one’s first steps to be the butt of someone’s jokes to be the master of one’s fate to be tied to someone’s apron strings to be tight-fisted/tight-assed/tight with one’s money to be too big for one’s boots to be unable to see beyond the end of one’s nose to be under someone’s thumb to be unhinged/one’s mind is unhinged to be up one’s alley to be up to one’s ears in debt to be up to one’s ears in work to be up to one’s eyes/eyebrows in work/debt etc to be up to one’s neck in a thing to be up to one’s neck in debt to be up to one’s neck in something to be up to one’s neck in trouble to be up to one’s neck in work to be within someone’s grasp to be worth one’s salt to be worth one’s weight in gold to bear one’s cross to bear one’s heart to beat a path to someone’s door to beat one’s breast to beat something into someone’s head to become aware of one’s error to befoul one’s own nest to bend one’s elbow to bend someone’s ear to bite one’s nails to the quick to bite one’s tongue to bite someone’s head off to blow one’s money to blow a hole in someone’s plans to blow one’s lid/stack/top to blow one’s mind to blow one’s nose to blow one’s own trumpet/horn to blow one’s stack to blow one’s stones to blow one’s top to blow one’s wad to blow out one’s brains to blow someone’s cover to blow someone’s mind to blow someone’s/one’s brains out to bob one’s head to boggle one’s mind to bother one’s head about to bow one’s head to box someone’s ear to break into one’s nest egg to break one’s back to break one’s fall to break one’s neck to break one’s silence to break someone’s head to break someone’s heart to breathe down someone’s neck to breathe one’s last to bring a storm/hornet’s nest about one’s ears to bring grist to one’s own mill to bring someone over to one’s side to bring the roof down on someone’s head to bring up one’s food to bully one’s way into something to burn one’s ass to burn one’s boats to burn one’s boats/bridges to burn one’s bridges behind one to burn one’s candle at both ends to burn one’s fingers to burn someone’s house about his ears to burst someone’s bubble to bury one’s head in the sand to bury oneself in one’s books to bury oneself in one’s work to bust someone’s ass wide open to call someone’s bluff to cast in one’s lot with to cast one’s eyes over something to cast one’s vote to catch one’s breath to catch one’s death to catch one’s eye to catch someone’s drift to catch someone’s eye to catch someone’s fancy to celebrate one’s birthday to celebrate one’s jubilee to celebrate within the family circle / with one’s close friends to chance one’s arm to chance one’s luck to change one’s arrangements to change one’s clothes to change one’s mind to change one’s place of residence to change one’s shirt to change one’s spots to change one’s tune to change the tone of one’s voice to charm one’s way into something to charm one’s way out something to cheat on one’s partner to cherish a viper in one’s bosom to chop off someone’s head to chuck one’s money about to chuck/throw one’s weight about to clean up one’s act to clean up one’s plate to clear one’s head/mind to clear one’s name to clench one’s teeth to click one’s fingers to clip one’s words to clip someone’s wings to close one’s eyes to something to cock one’s head to collect one’s thoughts to come into one’s head to come into one’s own to come out in one’s true colors to come out of one’s shell to come to one’s ears to come to one’s knowledge to come to one’s senses to come to someone’s aid/help to come to someone’s defence to come to someone’s rescue to come under someone’s influence to compound with one’s creditors to con one’s way through to concentrate one’s thought and wish on something to consult one’s own advantage to consult one’s pillow to consult one’s watch to contemplate one’s navel to cook someone’s goose to cool one’s coppers to cool one’s heels to cool/kick one’s heels to count one’s blessings to cover one’s ass to cover one’s track to crack one’s whip to cramp someone’s style to crane one’s neck to crawl on one’s hands and knees over broken glass just to do something to cross one’s arms to cross one’s legs to cross one’s mind to cross someone’s hand to cry in one’s beer to cry on someone’s shoulder to cry one’s eyes out to cry one’s eyes/heart out to cry one’s fill to cudgel one’s brains to curl one’s lips to cut off one’s nose to cut one’s coat to suit one’s cloth to cut one’s own path to cut one’s own throat to cut one’s stick to cut one’s teeth to cut one’s teeth on something to cut one’s way to cut the ground from under someone’s feet to dampen one’s optimism/spirits to dance to someone’s tune to dandle a baby on one’s knees to darken someone’s door to dash out someone’s brain to deal fairly with one’s customers to deck oneself out in one’s Sunday best to declare someone’s policy void to define one’s position to demand someone’s head to deserve one’s props to devote one’s life to something to devour someone with one’s eyes to die at one’s post to die in one’s shoes to dig in one’s heels to dig one’s fingers/nails into something to dig one’s own grave to dig one’s way to dip into one’s purse / pocket to dismiss something from one’s toughts to display one’s charms to show what one has got to do all in one’s power to help to do everything in one’s power to do one’s best to do one’s bit to do one’s daily dozen to do one’s laundry to do one’s level best to do one’s nut to do one’s own thing to do one’s packing to do one’s part to do one’s porridge to do one’s utmost to do one’s work to do someone’s bidding to do someone’s dirty work to do someone’s heart good to do something at one’s leisure to do something under one’s own steam to dog someone’s footsteps to dot one’s i’s and cross one’s t’s to drag one’s feet to draw in one’s horns to draw someone’s attention to something to drive a nail into someone’s coffin to drive with one’s foot down to the floor to drop one’s h’s to drop/fall/hop/topple the/one’s perch to drown one’s sorrow to drown one’s sorrows to duck one’s head to earn one’s keep to earn one’s livelihood to ease one’s conscience to eat at someone’s table to eat one’s fill to eat one’s heart out to eat one’s words to eat out of the palm of someone’s hand to edge one’s way ahead to edge [one’s way] through to empty one’s bowels to end one’s days to enter one’s mind/head to escape by the skin of one’s teeth to escape one’s attention to escape with one’s life to exploit one’s full potential to express one’s condolences to fall flat on one’s face to fall heir to one’s father’s faults to fall into one’s lap to fall into someone’s clutches to fall into someone’s hands to fall into someone’s lap to fall into someone’s trap to fall on one’s legs to fall on one’s sword to fall within someone’s power to fear for one’s life to feast one’s eyes on to feather one’s nest to feather one’s own nest to feed one’s eyes on to feel one’s oats to feel one’s way to feel sick to one’s stomach to feel something in one’s bones to fight back one’s tears to fight for one’s life to fill one’s face to fill someone’s shoes to finally manage to make up one’s mind to find death by one’s own hand to find favor in someone’s eyes to find one’s costs repaid to find one’s feet to find one’s sea legs to find one’s tongue to find one’s way to find one’s way home to find one’s way into someting to finish one’s degree to finish one’s training to finish one’s work to fire someone’s imagination to fit in one’s plan to flap one’s gums to flash one’s ivories to flash through one’s mind to flex one’s muscles to flip one’s lid to flutter one’s eyelashes to fly in someone’s face to fold one’s arms to fold one’s arms around someone to fold one’s legs to fold someone in one’s arms to follow hard/hot on someone’s heels to follow one’s nose to follow one’s pleasure to follow someone’s lead to fool away one’s money to force one’s way to force someone’s hand to forget one’s manners to foul one’s own nest to freeze in one’s tracks to freeze one’s bun/the buns off to gain one’s end to gain someone’s confidence to gain someone’s ear to gamble away one’s money to gasp out one’s life to gather all one’s strength to gather up one’s thoughts to get a load off one’s chest to get back on one’s feet To get back one’s youth, one has merely to repeat one’s follies. to get behind with one’s work to get beyond someone’s control to get caught with one’s hands in the cookie jar to get egg on one’s face to get good value for one’s money to get in one’s hair to get into one’s head to do something to get into one’s stride to get off one’s duff to get off one’s high horse to get off one’s soap box to get off someone’s back to get off someone’s case to get on one’s tits to get on someone’s good side to get on someone’s nerves to get on someone’s tits/wick to get on someone’s wick to get one’s act together to get one’s arse kicked to get one’s attention to get one’s back up to get one’s bearings to get one’s butt in gear to get one’s claws into someone to get one’s comeuppance to get one’s dander up To get one’s ducks in a row to get one’s ears pinned back to get one’s feet under the table to get one’s feet wet to get one’s goat to get one’s hair cut/to get a hair cut to get one’s head down to get one’s head out of the clouds to get one’s head together to get one’s hopes up to get one’s ideas across to get one’s jollies to get one’s just deserts to get one’s kicks from something to get one’s kit off to get one’s knickers in a twist to get one’s knuckles rapped to get one’s leg over to get one’s mind around to get one’s money worth to get one’s oats to get one’s own back to get one’s own back on someone to get one’s own way to get one’s remove to get one’s second wind to get one’s shirt out to get one’s shit together to get one’s teeth into something to get one’s tits in a wringer to get one’s way to get one’s wings to get one’s wires crossed to get out of one’s way to do something to get out of someone’s hair to get someone off one’s back to get someone’s drift to get someone’s goat to get someone’s hackles up to get someone’s number to get someone/something off one’s hands to get something into one’s head to get something off one’s chest to get something under one’s belt to get the shock of one’s life to get things straight in one’s mind to get this monkey off one’s back to get through one’s work to get to one’s feet to get to someone’s ears to get too big for one’s boots to get too big for one’s breeches to get under one’s skin to get under someone’s feet to get up on one’s soapbox to get up someone’s nose to get up to one’s ears in debt to give a crack of one’s whip to give it one’s best shot to give one’s all to give one’s ankle a twist to give one’s best to give one’s blessings to give one’s eyes a rest to give one’s faith to give one’s fancy full scope to give one’s opinion to give one’s right arm to give one’s shoes a shine to give one’s word to give one’s word of honour to give rein to one’s imagination to give somebody one’s confidence to give someone a piece of one’s mind to give someone the shirt off one’s back to give someone’s arm a twist to give someone’s hand a squeeze to give someone’s memory a jog to give someone/something into someone’s charge to give vent to one’s feelings to give vent to one’s fury to gloat over someone’s misfortune to glory in one’s ability to gnash one’s teeth to go about one’s business to go back on one’s promise to go back on one’s word to go off one’s nut to go out of one’s mind to go out of one’s mind with worry to go out of one’s way to do something to go to someone’s rescue to grab someone’s attention to grate on one’s ear to grate on one’s nerves to grease someone’s palm to grind one’s teeth to grit one’s teeth to gulp down one’s food to hack one’s way through something to hand in one’s chips to hand in one’s notice/resignation to hand out one’s opinion to hang on to someone’s coat-tails to hang up one’s fiddle to harden one’s heart against someone to hate someone’s guts to have a bee in one’s bonnet to have a card up one’s sleeve to have a chip on one’s shoulder to have a crook in one’s nature to have a cry on someone’s shoulder to have a faraway look in one’s eyes to have a frog in one’s throat to have a handle to one’s name to have a hitch in one’s getalong to have a life of one’s own to have a lot on one’s plate to have a lump in one’s throat to have a millstone round one’s neck to have a mind of one’s own to have a monkey on one’s back to have a price on one’s head to have a sinking feeling in the pit of one’s stomach to have a skeleton in one’s closet to have a stupid look on one’s face to have a will of one’s own to have ants in one’s pants to have been dropped on one’s head by one’s mother to have bees in one’s bonnet to have blotted one’s copybook to have butterflies in one’s stomach to have dark rings under one’s eyes to have fire in one’s belly to have got one’s hands full to have got one’s hands full with someone to have got pins and needles in one’s foot to have got someone under one’s skin to have got someone’s number to have had one’s bell rung to have it all at one’s fingers’ ends to have learned one’s lesson to have lost one’s marbles to have lost the use of one’s arm to have made a mess in one’s pants to have one’s ass on the line to have one’s back to the wall to have one’s back up against a wall to have one’s bread buttered on both sides to have one’s cake and eat it, too to have one’s ears chewed off to have one’s eye on to have one’s fingers all thumbs to have one’s foot in the door to have one’s foot in the grave to have one’s hair cut to have one’s hair done to have one’s hair dyed to have one’s hand out to have one’s head in the clouds to have one’s head in the sand to have one’s head on straight to have one’s head stuck up one’s arse to have one’s innings to have one’s labor for one’s pains to have one’s legs turn to jelly to have one’s nose in a book to have one’s own patent method of doing something to have one’s own way to have one’s period to have one’s plans crossed to have one’s will to have one’s wits about one to have one’s wits about oneself to have pins and needles in one’s leg/foot to have rocks in one’s head to have someone at one’s beck and call to have someone in one’s charge to have someone in one’s clutches to have someone in one’s grip to have someone’s best interests at heart to have someone’s butt to have someone’s guts for garters to have someone/something in one’s pocket to have someone/something on one’s back/hands to have something at one’s disposal to have something at one’s finger’s ends to have something at one’s fingertips to have something coming out of one’s ears/yin yangs to have something on one’s mind to have something on the tip of one’s tongue to have something to one’s name to have something up one’s sleeve to have the ball at one’s feet to have the full use of one’s faculties to have the time of one’s life to have the world at one’s feet to have time on one’s hands to have to pay through one’s nose to have too much time on one’s hand to have too much time on one’s hands to have two strings/a second string/more than one string to one’s bow to have/put one’s faith in someone/something to hedge one’s bets to hide one’s light under a bushel to hit one’s funny bone to hitch one’s wagon to a star to hold a pistol to someone’s head to hold one’s breath to hold one’s fire to hold one’s ground to hold one’s head up high to hold one’s horses to hold one’s liquor to hold one’s nerve to hold one’s nose to hold one’s office in abeyance to hold one’s own to hold one’s peace to hold one’s stomach in to hold one’s temper to hold one’s tongue to hurt someone’s feelings to indulge one’s sweet tooth to inhale one’s food to jangle one’s nerves to jog someone’s conscience to jog someone’s memory to judge others by one’s own standards to jump down someone’s throat to jump out of one’s skin to jump to one’s feet to just peck at one’s food to keep a civil tongue in one’s head to keep one’s bed to keep one’s cards close to one’s chest/close to the vest to keep one’s chin up to keep one’s cool to keep one’s counsel to keep one’s countenance to keep one’s distance to keep one’s ear to the ground to keep one’s ears open to keep one’s eyes glued to someone/something to keep one’s eyes peeled/skinned to keep one’s faith to keep one’s feet on the ground to keep one’s figure to keep one’s fingers crossed to keep one’s hair on to keep one’s hair/shirt on to keep one’s hand in to keep one’s hands off something to keep one’s head to keep one’s head above water to keep one’s head below the parapet to keep one’s lines of retreat open to keep one’s mind on something to keep one’s mouth shut tight to keep one’s nerve to keep one’s nose clean to keep one’s nose out to keep one’s own counsel to keep one’s promise to keep one’s shape to keep one’s tail up to keep one’s word to keep out of someone’s affairs to keep something at the back of one’s mind to keep something under one’s hat to kick one’s heels to kick someone’s ass to kick someone’s teeth to kick up one’s heels to kiss someone’s ass to knit one’s brows to knock out someone’s brains to knock the wind out of someone’s sails to know on which side one’s bred is buttered to know one’s onions to know one’s own mind to know one’s stuff to know one’s stuff know one’s onions to know one’s way around to know someone’s little game to know something like the back of one’s hand to land on one’s backside to land on one’s feet to laugh at someone’s expense to laugh in someone’s face to laugh one’s head off to laugh till the tears run down one’s cheeks to laugh up one’s sleeve to lay down one’s arms to lay down one’s life for to lay one’s hands on something to lay something at someone’s door to lay something to someone’s charge to lay/put one’s cards on the table to lean one’s head on someone’s shoulder to lean towards someone’s opinion to leapfrog one’s way to success to learn one’s part to learn one’s place to leave one’s job to leave one’s mark to let fly with one’s fists to let no grass grow under one’s feet to let one’s hair down to let one’s mind wander to let reason be one’s guide to let something slip through one’s fingers to lick one’s chops to lick one’s wounds to lick someone’s boots/arse/ass to lie heavy on one’s conscience to lie through one’s teeth to like one’s meat and two veg to line one’s pockets to line one’s pocket to line one’s pockets to live beyond one’s means to live by one’s pen to live by one’s wits to live on one’s money to live on one’s nerves to live on one’s reputation to live up to one’s name to live within one’s income to lodge a friend in one’s house to long for one’s home to look down one’s nose at someone/something to look one’s age to look one’s best to look over one’s shoulder to look to one’s laurels to loose one’s face to lose one’s bearings to lose one’s cherry to lose one’s compass to lose one’s cool to lose one’s debts to lose one’s edge to lose one’s face to lose one’s footing to lose one’s grip on power to lose one’s grip on reality to lose one’s hair to lose one’s head to lose one’s heart to someone to lose one’s hold to lose one’s job to lose one’s labor to lose one’s life to lose one’s looks to lose one’s memory to lose one’s mind to lose one’s nerve to lose one’s patience to lose one’s poise to lose one’s rag to lose one’s shirt to lose one’s temper to lose one’s tongue to lose one’s touch to lose one’s train of thought to lose one’s voice to lose one’s way to lose one’s wind to lower one’s colors to lower one’s sights to maintain one’s ground to make an attempt on someone’s life to make ducks and drakes of one’s money to make ducks and drakes with one’s money to make one’s blood run cold to make one’s bow to someone to make one’s bum hum to make one’s cross to make one’s escape to make one’s exit to make one’s flesh creep to make one’s fortune to make one’s hackles raise to make one’s hair stand on end to make one’s head spin to make one’s home to make one’s mark to make one’s name to make one’s pile to make one’s point to make one’s presence felt to make one’s toes curl to make one’s way to make one’s way home to make someone’s blood boil to make someone’s day to make someone’s flesh creep to make someone’s hair curl to make someone’s life a misery to make someone’s mouth water to make something stick in one’s mind to make sure to get one’s pound of flesh to make up one’s mind to marry one’s daughter off to master one’s temper to match one’s strength against someone to match one’s wits against someone to measure one’s length to meet one’s fate to meet one’s match to meet one’s Waterloo to melt one’s heart to mend one’s marriage to mend one’s ways to mince one’s words to mind one’s P’s and Q’s to miss one’s chance to mix one’s drinks to move one’s ass to move one’s bowels to mumble/mutter something into one’s beard to muscle in on someone’s territory to nail one’s colors to the mast to nail one’s colours to the mast to name someone as one’s heir to need something to boost one’s ego to need to have one’s ears pinned back to not be able to get one’s tongue round a word to not be able to get something out of one’s mind to not be able to keep one’s mind off something to not be able to put one’s finger on it to not be able to put someone out of one’s mind to not be able to see beyond/further than the end of one’s nose to not be someone’s business to not be someone’s cup of tea to not be very steady on one’s pins to not come up to someone’s expectations to not have a penny to one’s name to not know one’s ass from a hole in the ground to not know one’s metes and bounds to not know which side one’s bred is buttered on to not let one’s children go short to not mince matters/one’s words to not see further than the end of one’s nose to not touch a hair of someone’s head to not trouble one’s head about something to nurse one’s bruised arm to offer one’s congratulations to oil someone’s hand to oil someone’s tongue to one’s full satisfaction to one’s heart’s content to open someone’s mind to order one’s affairs to overtax one’s strength to paddle one’s own canoe to paint one’s face to paint someone’s name black to park one’s bum to part one’s hair down the middle to pass one’s comprehension to pass through one’s mind to pay one’s dues to pay one’s last respects to someone to pay one’s respects to someone to pay one’s way to pay out of one’s pocket to pay with one’s life to pedal one’s ass to perk up one’s ears to pick at one’s food to pick one’s nose to pick one’s teeth to pick one’s way to pick one’s way through something to pick one’s words to pick someone’s brain to pick someone’s brains to pick up one’s strength to pierce one’s heart to pin back one’s ears to pin one’s hopes on someone/something to pin someone’s arms behind his back to pin someone’s ears back to pin up one’s hair to pinch someone’s bottom to pinch someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend to pit one’s strength against someone to pitch one’s hopes too high to place the ball in someone’s court to plant a punch on someone’s chin to play around with someone’s feelings to play by someone’s rules to play into someone’s hands to play one’s cards right to play one’s last/one’s trump card to play one’s part to play/pluck on one’s heart strings to plead for one’s/somone’s life to pledge one’s faith to pluck up one’s courage to pocket one’s pride to pocket one’s sorrow to poison someone’s mind against someone to poke at one’s food to poke holes in someone’s story to poke one’s finger up one’s nose to poke one’s head into a hornet’s nest to poke one’s nose in to poke one’s nose into every corner to poke one’s nose into something to poke one’s tongue out at someone to pop one’s buttons to pop one’s clogs to pop one’s cork to pore over one’s books to possess one’s soul in patience to pour out one’s soul to powder one’s nose to preserve one’s eyesight/customs/jobs/one’s position to preserve one’s sense of humor/silence to prey on one’s mind to price one’s goods/oneself out of the market to probe into someone’s life to protest one’s innocence to pull in one’s horns to pull one’s hair out to pull one’s punches to pull one’s socks up to pull one’s weight to pull someone’s chestnuts out of the fire/the chestnuts out of the fire for someone to pull someone’s leg to pull someone’s wire to pull the rug/carpet from under someone/someone’s feet to pull the wool over someone’s eyes to pull up one’s roots to pull up one’s socks to punch someone’s light out to push a thought to the back of one’s mind to push home one’s advantage to push home one’s point to push one’s luck to push one’s way through the crowd to put a bridle on one’s tongue to put a bug in someone’s ear to put a false construction on someone’s words to put a price on someone’s head To put a spoke in someone’s wheel to put a spoke in someone’s wheel to put all one’s eggs in one basket to put ideas into someone’s head to put in one’s two cents to put in one’s two pennies worth to put money before someone’s happiness to put on one’s best bib and tucker to put on one’s thinking cap to put one’s back into something to put one’s best foot forward to put one’s capabilities to the test to put one’s feet up to put one’s foot down to put one’s foot in one’s mouth to put one’s hand to the plough to put one’s head above the parapet to put one’s heads together to put one’s heart and soul in it to put one’s ideas into practice to put one’s life on the line to put one’s mind to it to put one’s money where one’s mouth is to put one’s name down to put one’s name in for something to put one’s name on the map to put one’s nose to the grindstone to put one’s oar in to put one’s shingle up To put one’s shirt on a horse to put one’s shoulder to the wheel to put oneself in someone’s place/into someone else’s shoes to put someone’s back up to put someone’s nose out of joint to put something out of one’s mind to put something/one’s money on the line to put to someone’s credit to put words into someone’s mouth to put/get someone’s back/dander/monkey up to put/lay one’s cards on the table to put/lose one’s shirt on a horse to put/set one’s mind to something to put/set someone’s mind at rest to put/stick one’s oar in to puzzle one’s brain over something to quake in one’s boots to quarrel with one’s bread-and-butter to queer someone’s pitch to quench one’s thirst to quicken one’s pulse to quit one’s job to rack one’s brains to rain on someone’s parade to raise one’s eyebrows to raise one’s hand against someone to raise one’s spirits to raise one’s voice to raise someone’s hopes to ram something down someone’s throat to ransack one’s conscience to rap someone’s knuckles to rattle one’s sabres to rattle someone’s cage/chain to reach out one’s hand to reach someone’s conscience to read someone’s face to read someone’s face like a book to read someone’s palm to reap the fruit of one’s labour to reckon without one’s host to recover one’s feet to refresh one’s knowledge to regain one’s strength To regret one’s own experiences is to arrest one’s own development. to rest on one’s laurels/oars to retreat into one’s shell to rise to someone’s taunts to risk one’s life to risk one’s neck to roll off one’s tongue to roll one’s eyes to roll up one’s sleeves to roll up one’s sleeves and get to work to rub someone’s nose in something to rub the sleep out of one’s eyes to rule someone’s life to run for one’s/for dear life to run in one’s mind to run one’s fingers/a comb through one’s hair to rush headlong into disaster with one’s eyes wide open to rush one’s fences to save one’s ass/butt to save one’s bacon to save one’s face to save one’s hide to save one’s neck to save one’s own hide to save one’s/someone’s bacon to save someone’s ass/butt to save someone’s neck to say one’s piece to say something to someone’s face to say something under one’s breath to scramble someone’s brains to scream one’s head off to screw up one’s courage to screw up one’s face to scupper one’s chances to see beyond one’s own nose to see one’s hopes dashed to see through someone’s game to seek someone’s assistance to seek someone’s life to seek/make one’s fortune to sell one’s soul to the devil to send one’s good wishes to set one’s cap at someone to set one’s eyes on someone for the first time to set one’s face against someone to set one’s heart on someone/something to set one’s heart on something/someone to set one’s seal on something to set one’s sights lower to set one’s teeth on edge to set someone’s mind at ease/at rest to set someone’s nerves/teeth on edge to set up someone’s bristles to shake in one’s boots/shoes to shake one’s fist at someone to shake one’s head to sharpen one’s claws/teeth to sharpen up one’s act to shoot one’s bolt to shoot one’s mouth off to shove one’s oar in to shove one’s way through a crowd to show one’s age to show one’s claws to show one’s colors to show one’s colours to show one’s face to show one’s hand to show one’s solidarity with someone to show one’s true colors to show one’s true colours to shut one’s eyes fast to shut the door in someone’s face to sign one’s own death warrant to sing someone’s/one’s own praise to sink one’s teeth into something to sit at someone’s feet to sit on one’s hands to sit on someone’s lap to slap one’s knees to slap someone’s face to sling one’s hook to slink off with one’s tail between one’s legs to slog one’s guts out to smite one’s forehead to smooth someone’s ruffled feathers to snap one’s finger at someone to snap one’s fingers to snap someone’s nose off to snuff out someone’s life to soak one’s clay to sob one’s heart out to someone’s credit to sow one’s wild oats to spank someone’s bottom to spare one’s breath to spare someone’s life to spare/save someone’s blushes to speak in someone’s ear to speak one’s mind to speak one’s piece to speak out of both sides of one’s mouth to spend all one’s money to spend one’s breath in vain to spend one’s retirement to spill one’s guts to someone to spin one’s wheels to spite one’s face to split one’s side laughing to split one’s sides laughing to spoil someone’s little game to spread one’s wings to spurn one’s fortune to square one’s accounts to square one’s shoulders to square something with one’s conscience to stand on one’s own feet to stand one’s ground to steal someone’s thunder to step/tread on someone’s toes to stick in one’s craw to stick in one’s mind to stick one’s head round a corner to stick one’s neck out to stick to one’s colors to stick to one’s guns to stick to one’s position to stir one’s stumps to stir someone’s blood to stop by someone’s house to stop dead in one’s tracks to strain one’s ears to stretch one’s imagination to stretch one’s legs to strike out on one’s own to strike someone’s name off the roll to stroke someone’s ego to stuff one’s face to succumb to someone’s charms to sue someone’s pants off to supplement one’s income to swallow one’s pride to sweat one’s guts out to swell someone’s head to switch one’s mobile phone to silent to take a leaf out of someone’s book to take a load off someone’s mind to take a pull at one’s cigarette to take a weight off someone’s mind to take counsel with one’s pillow to take leave of one’s senses to take matters into one’s own hands to take one’s bearings to take one’s chance to take one’s choice to take one’s courage in both hands to take one’s custom elsewhere to take one’s hat off to someone to take one’s holiday before July to take one’s hook to take one’s last curtain to take one’s life in one’s own hands to take one’s medicine to take one’s own course to take pleasure in someone’s pain to take someone under one’s wings to take someone’s life to take something in one’s stride to take the bit between one’s teeth to take the law into one’s own hands to take the words out of someone’s mouth to take to one’s heels to take up one’s cross to talk at the top of one’s voice to talk one’s head off to talk one’s way out of a situation to talk someone’s ear off to talk through one’s hat to tax one’s brain to tax someone’s patience to tear one’s hair to tell one’s beads to the best of one’s ability to the best of one’s recollection to the fullest of one’s power to the top of one’s bent to think on one’s feet to throw dust into someone’s eyes to throw in one’s hand to throw in one’s lot with someone to throw one’s cap over the mill to throw one’s hands up in horror to throw one’s weight about to throw one’s weight around to thumb one’s nose at someone to tickle someone’s fancy to tie one’s shoes to tighten one’s belt to tip one’s hand to tip the scales in someone’s favor/against someone to toot one’s own horn to touch someone’s heart to touch up one’s make-up to toy with one’s food to trail one’s coat-tails to tread in someone’s footsteps to tread on someone’s corns to tread on someone’s heels to tremble in one’s boots to trespass upon someone’s patience/time to trouble one’s head about something to try one’s hand at to try one’s hand at something to try someone’s patience to tug one’s forelock to turn one’s back on someone to turn one’s coat to turn one’s hand to something to turn over in one’s grave to turn someone’s head to turn up one’s nose at to turn up one’s toes to twiddle one’s thumbs to twirl one’s thumbs to twist one’s ankle to twist someone around one’s little finger to twist someone’s arm to twist someone’s words to undermine someone’s authority to undermine someone’s position to upset someone’s apple-cart to use one’s loaf to vent one’s anger to wag one’s finger at someone to wag one’s head to wait one’s turn to walk over one’s grandmother to want one’s bread buttered on both sides to want to have one’s cake and eat it to warm the cockle of one’s/the heart to warm the cockles of someone’s heart to wash one’s hands of someone to wash one’s hands of something to waste away one’s life to watch someone’s every move to watch someone’s every step to wear one’s hair short to wear one’s heart on/upon one’s sleeve to wear out one’s patience to wear out one’s welcome to weigh heavy on one’s conscience to weigh one’s words to wet one’s appetite to wet one’s pants to wet one’s whistle to while away one’s time to win/gain one’s laurels to woof one’s cookies to work one’s ass/butt off to work one’s balls off to work one’s butt off to work one’s fingers to the bone to work one’s guts out to work one’s socks off to work one’s tail off to work one’s way up to wrap someone around one’s little finger to wrinkle one’s nose to yank someone’s chain to yield up to one’s fate Travel improves the mind wonderfully, and does away with all one’s prejudices. tread on someone’s toes twist somebody round one’s little finger under one’s belt under someone’s very nose under/below one’s breath up to one’s neck waste one’s breath weigh on one’s mind When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one’s self, and one always ends by deceiving others.... with a lump in one’s throat with a twinkle in one’s eye with all one’s might with all one’s strength with one’s face at half past eight with one’s nose in the air within one’s reach within someone’s grasp within the compass of one’s powers without someone’s help yield to someone’s arguments

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