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oneself - Englische PhrasenOneself - Englische Redewendungen

adapt oneself to the company by oneself Duty is what one expects from others, it is not what one does oneself. Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear. If one wants to have one’s busines well done, one must do it oneself It is not selfish to think for oneself. A man who does not think for himself does not think at all. It is so easy to convert others. It is so difficult to convert oneself. Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself. Self-sacrifice is a thing that should be put down by law. It is so demoralising to the people for whom one sac... to accustom oneself to new surroundings to adapt oneself to circumstances to adorn oneself with borrowed plumes to affiliate oneself with a society to air oneself to be a mere ghost of oneself to be at odds with oneself to be beside oneself to be beside oneself with joy to be full of oneself to be oneself again to betake oneself to flight to bring oneself to do something to bring oneself up to date to bury oneself to bury oneself in one’s books to bury oneself in one’s work to cack oneself to catch oneself doing/thinking to chin oneself to clue someone/oneself up to collect oneself to come to oneself to come to terms with oneself to confess oneself guilty to converse with oneself to count oneself happy to cross oneself to cut oneself loose from to deck oneself out in one’s Sunday best to defend oneself to deny oneself every luxury to dig oneself in to distress oneself to do oneself proud to doctor oneself to doll oneself up to draw oneself up to dress oneself to drink oneself stupid to drive all before oneself to drug oneself up to the eyeballs with something to ease oneself to enclose oneself in a wall of prejudice to enrol [oneself] for a course to establish oneself to establish oneself permanently in ... to excuse oneself for being late to expose oneself to ridicule to fall over oneself to do something to feel sorry for oneself to feel sure of oneself to fend for oneself to find oneself to find oneself doing something to find oneself in a difficult position to forget oneself to gather oneself to gen someone/oneself up to get a grip on oneself to get above oneself To get one down oneself to get one down oneself to get oneself in a muddle over something to get oneself psyched up to girdle oneself with courage to give a good account of oneself to give a poor account of oneself to give an account of oneself to give oneself airs to give oneself airs and graces to give oneself Dutch courage to give oneself up to give oneself/someone away to go into a huddle with oneself to handle oneself to hang oneself to have a high opinion of oneself to have a soft side to oneself to have fight in oneself yet to have had it coming to oneself to have it coming to oneself to have it in oneself to have not exactly covered oneself with glory to have one’s wits about oneself to have the devil in oneself to have time to oneself to help oneself to immerse oneself in something to jerk oneself free to keep a firm grip/hold on something/on oneself to keep oneself in check to keep things to oneself to keep to oneself to kill oneself to kill oneself laughing to know how to enjoy oneself to land oneself in a mess to laugh oneself sick to laugh oneself silly to laugh oneself stupid to laugh oneself to tears to lay hands upon oneself to lay oneself open to attack to lay oneself open to criticism/ridicule to leave oneself open to let it get to oneself to let oneself be carried away to let oneself go to let oneself in for something to look after oneself to lose oneself in something To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance. To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. to lumber oneself with someone/something to make a fool of oneself to make a life for oneself to make a name for oneself to make a nuisance of oneself to make a proper charlie of oneself to make an ass of oneself to make an exhibition of oneself to make oneself at home to make oneself cheap to make oneself clear to make oneself conspicious to make oneself conspicuous to make oneself do something to make oneself familiar with to make oneself feel mean to make oneself heard to make oneself ill to make oneself look ridiculous to make oneself popular to make oneself scarce to make oneself understood to make oneself useful to make something of oneself to mumble to oneself to nearly kill oneself to nerve oneself to do something to not be able to help oneself to not spare oneself to outdo oneself to perjure oneself to pick oneself up to pig out/oneself to pinch oneself to piss oneself laughing to pit oneself against someone to pit oneself against the forces of nature to plonk oneself to plume oneself to plume oneself on something to price one’s goods/oneself out of the market to price oneself out of the market to pride oneself on something to primp oneself to promise oneself never to do something again to prostrate oneself before someone to psych/psyche oneself up to puff oneself up to pull oneself together to push oneself hard to put oneself about to put oneself across to put oneself in someone’s place/into someone else’s shoes to put oneself on a parallel with someone to put oneself on the line To put oneself out to put oneself out to rein oneself in to rub oneself with sun cream to run someone/oneself down to saddle oneself with someone/something to saddle oneself with something to sell oneself short to shift for oneself to shoot oneself in the foot to shout oneself hoarse to show oneself to show oneself to be competent to show oneself up to sob oneself to sleep to spruce oneself up to stick up for oneself to still have got much life in oneself to stodge oneself to take it upon oneself to do something to talk oneself black in the face to talk oneself hoarse to think no end of oneself to think oneself safe to tie oneself in knots to tog oneself out/up to top oneself to treat oneself to something to unburden oneself to work oneself up into a lather When one is in love one begins by deceiving oneself. And one ends by deceiving others. When one is in town one amuses oneself. When one is in the country one amuses other people.

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