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part - Deutsche PhrasenPart - Deutsche Redewendungen

Alle Leute sind entweder charmant oder langweilig. Ich ergreife Partei für die Charmanten. An dem Projekt sind mehrere Partner aktiv beteiligt Angaben zum Ehepartner, falls zutreffend Dann wurden die Partikel mit Hilfe eines Laserpartikelgerätes gemessen Das Essen auf der gestrigen Geburtstagsparty war extrem lecker Das war eine schöne Rutschpartie der strahlende Mittelpunkt einer Party Die Arbeiterpartei ging als stärkste Partei aus den Wahlen hervor Die Axt im Haus erspart den Zimmermann Die große Party zu seinem fünfzigsten Geburtstag wird für Furore sorgen Die Kündigung wird ein Jahr nach ihrer Notifikation an den Vertragspartner wirksam Die Party war saugeil! die Wahlbezirkseinteilung zum Vorteil einer Partei manipulieren Doch einmal angesprochen machte er ebenso mit wie nahezu alle Gesprächspartner Ein ausgegebener Pfennig ist oft nützlicher als ein gesparter Ein Griff zur rechten Zeit, spart viel Müh und Leid ein innerer Reichsparteitag eine gute Partie machen eine Partie Schach eine Party geben/veranstalten eine Wahnsinnsparty einen Partner aufkaufen einer Partei beitreten Er ergriff Partei für seinen Freund Er ist dieser Partei nur beigetreten, weil er sein Privatinteresse verfolgen will Er will es partout nicht einsehen Gleich getan ist viel gespart Hier fanden von 1933 bis 1938 die Reichsparteitage der NSDAP statt Hinzu kam die Diskussion um die steuerliche Förderung des Partikelfilters Ich möchte dich zu meiner Party einladen Ihr seid beide meine Freunde, ich möchte da nicht Partei ergreifen in eine Party/Versammlung hineinplatzen Iss einen Apfel am Tag und du hast dir den Arzt gespart Partei ergreifen parteiisch sein Parteinahme ist der Anfang der Aufrichtigkeit. partout nicht Party, die Party, zu der jeder eine Flasche bringt Partymuffel, der Schade, dass du dir diese Party hast entgehen lassen müssen sich der Parteilinie unterordnen Sie laden ihn nicht zu ihrer Party ein Er ist immer so ein Spielverderber strahlender Mittelpunkt der Party Um nun zu etwas Erfreulicherem überzugehen, wir planen eine Party vor den Sommerferien uneingeladen an eine Party gehen Unparteiische Wann findet diese Party statt? Wer mit der Rute spart, verzieht das Kind wilde Party Wir haben nicht viele Leute auf unserer Party erwartet, aber sie strömten nur so herbei Wollen wir eine Partie Karten spielen? [Party, zu der jeder Gast ein Getränk mitbringt]

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part - Englische PhrasenPart - Englische Redewendungen

A and B are poles apart A fool and his money are easily parted a hen party a mistake in the packing department a part-time job a whale of a party a world apart admit as a partner all or part Anyone can take part apart from these mistakes as part of the general trend at a particular time automobile third party insurance automobile third party liability bachelor party bachelor’s party be the life and soul of the party bottle party bottle-party chief part children’s birthday party Children, particularly small ones, require a lot of attention coffee party Department of Correction dinner theme party Discretion is the better part of valor Discretion is the better part of valour Don’t ask me about it, that’s her department dormant partner Each of us sees a part of the world; together we see all of it for further particulars apply to for my part for my/your/her part for the best part of the year free of particular average Genius partakes of something divine greater/more than the sum of its parts Green party veteran Jürgen Trittin. He departed from his word He joined that party only because he has an axe to grind He lives abroad for the greater part of the year He who has an art has everywhere a part He who has an art, has everywhere a part He’s told us we have to leave the flat/apartment hen night/party hen-party Her world fell apart when he left her His suggestion didn’t go down particularly well How are things apart from that? I have neither part nor lot in this I will be no party to that! I won’t be a party to that I’d like to invite you to my party I’m not particular I’m not particularly well In addition there was the debate about tax rebates for particle filters in every part of the globe in large part in particular in that department In the Catalogue ye goe for men, As Hounds, and Greyhounds, Mungrels, Spaniels, Curres, Showghes, Water-Rugs, ... in whole or in part It is always painful to part from people whom one has known for a very brief space of time. The absence of old... It’s a pity that you had to miss this party! It’s all part of the game It’s not my department it’s poles apart Labour emerged as the largest party in the elections life and soul of the party No operator may be both judge and interested party not particularly not to be a party to something nothing in particular notice of departure On a lighter note, we are planning a party before the summer holidays one-room, 20 sq. m. apartment, older construction, with kitchen - 250 euro Our apartment has been repainted throughout Our dispatch department is processing your order. Our troops take part in the UN peacekeeping mission Part of me supects that I’m a loser, but the other part thinks, that I’m God allmighty himself Participants from abroad are provided free accommodation and a partial reimbursement of their travel expenses particulars of a new product Parting is such sweet sorrow Partings are sad things party pooper peculiar to any particular trade poles apart private/privy parts Prudence is the better part of valour Puffing is part of the trade resolution adopted by the partners Several thousand people took part in the annual CSD parade She’s quick at repartee She’s very particular stag night/party That’s all part of my job The 2003 vintage was particularly good The absent party is always to blame the best part of my money the best part of the year The big party on his fiftieth birthday will make a splash The city provides the scholar with a studio apartment for one year rent-free The denunciation shall take effect one year after notification thereof has been made to the contractual partne... The food at last night’s birthday party was really scrumptious The idea of using embryos for human spare parts is morally repugnant. - On whose say-so? The main parts were well cast The most important thing is not to win but to take part! The one charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary for both parties. The participants have met the course requirements the particular and the general The party was awesome! The prejudiced party can reasonably be satisfied with pecuniary compensation The President of the USA is the counterpart of the British Prime Minister The proposal is satisfactory to both parties The protein is part of the membrane from which it takes/derives its name The Reich party rallies were held here from 1933 to 1938 The whole is more than the sum of its parts Then the particles were measured with the help of laser particle device There are several active parties to the project They won’t invite him to their party He’s always a wet blanket Things become more difficult when drugs are part of the equation third party this is not part of the business This is not particularly impressive This is something which affects all areas, from scandals concerning political party donations to terrorism This is the parting of the ways this particular case till death do us part to assign rights to a third party to be a party to that to be good at repartee to be part and parcel of something to be part of the furniture to be partners in crime to be worlds apart to become partners in crime to brighten a party to buy out a partner to cater a party to cheat on one’s partner to come apart to come apart at the seams to crash a party to deal through a third party to depart this life to depart this world to do one’s part to fall apart to force apart to gate-crash a party/meeting To give an accurate description of what has never occurred is not merely the proper occupation of the historia... to give notice of departure to go/enter into particulars to grow apart to have an all-night party to join a party to learn one’s part to one or more other parties to part company with someone to part friends to part one’s hair down the middle to part with something to participate in a fair to play a big part in something to play a part in to play one’s part to spoil the party to swap partners to take part in to take something in good part to tear someone apart/limb from limb to throw a party to toe the party line to want no part of something Twenty five people who took part in a sham marriage network based in Leicester have been jailed for a total of... We didn’t expect many people at the party, but they just kept rolling in We’ve given notice that we’re moving out of the flat/apartment Were you a party to this? When I like people immensely, I never tell their names to any one. It is like surrendering a part of them. When is this party coming off? While that is currently happening everywhere, I think it’s particularly prevalent in Berlin

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