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pick - Deutsche PhrasenPick - Deutsche Redewendungen

die Rosinen aus dem Kuchen picken ein Picknick machen gespickt sein mit Pickel bekommen Pickel, der Pickelgesicht, das picklig Rosinen herauspicken Spickzettel, der

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pick - Englische PhrasenPick - Englische Redewendungen

A beggar may sing before a pick-pocket a pick-me-up as thin as a toothpick cherry picking cotton-picking Don’t be so picky! easy pickings Hawks will not pick out hawks’ eyes I have a bone to pick with you nitpick nitpick/nitpicker nitpicker nitpicking Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper pick and choose Pick on someone your own size! pick-me-up pick-up line spick and span Take your pick! The critics picked her first novel to pieces the pick of the basket/ bunch/litter Their kitchens are always spick [also: spic] and span There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up. to be in a fine/nice/pretty/real pickle to be in a pickle/pinch to be picky to be the pick of the bunch to be/get pickled/plastered/sloshed/smashed/sozzled/stewed/tight to cherry-pick to have a bone to pick with somebody to have a bone to pick with someone to have a crow to pick/pluck with someone to have first pick to look spick-and-span to nitpick to pick a fight to pick a fight/quarrel with someone to pick a fruit to pick a lock to pick a quarrel with to pick and choose to pick and steal to pick at one’s food to pick at/on someone to pick cherries from the cake to pick from an embarrassment of riches to pick holes in something to pick one’s nose to pick one’s teeth to pick one’s way to pick one’s way through something to pick one’s words to pick oneself up to pick out to pick over the past to pick pockets to pick sides to pick someone up to pick someone’s brain to pick someone’s brains to pick up a bug/an illness to pick up a few examples to pick up a girl to pick up a habit to pick up a language to pick up a reputation to pick up one’s strength to pick up speed to pick up the pace to pick up the pieces of something to pick up the tab to pick up the threads to pick up where one left off to pick up with someone to pick/raise/start a quarrel To put someone to bed with a pickaxe and shovel to throw down/take up/pick up the gauntlet Where did you pick that up? Where have all the flowers gone / Long time passing? / Where have all the flowers gone / Long time ago? / ... You are both my friends, so I don’t want to take/choose/pick sides You do pick them! You just have to pick up the phone You never know what you’ll pick up You’re out of your cotton-pickin’ mind!

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