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point - Deutsche PhrasenPoint - Deutsche Redewendungen

Wo bleibt die Pointe?

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point - Englische PhrasenPoint - Englische Redewendungen

a case in point a moot point a point of honour a pointed question a pointed remark All signs point to a successful year ahead All the evidence points to human activity as the culprit All the evidence points to over-production as the cause of low prices in those years Alternatively to making an appointment you can fax us And your point is? As a case in point, ... at gunpoint at no point at point-blank range at the point of a gun at this point at this point in time At what point? Bear in mind that you have an appointment Bear in mind that you’ve an appointment Bear in mind that you’ve got an appointment beside the point Better come straight to the point But that’s the whole point of doing it! Come to the point Could you point me in the direction of the toilets [Br.]/restrooms [Am.] please? Disappointingly, she only came fourth Do you have an appointment Do you see the point? Do you take my point? every thing points to Excuse me, before we go any further, could I point out that ...? from my point of view Get to the point! He was appointed manager He was appointed [as the] head of army intelligence He was pointing/aiming a gun at the door his strong point I agree up to a point, but ... I am afraid I will not be able to keep the appointment I made for Friday 17th June. I carried my point I could tell from his tone of voice that Peter was disappointed I do not mean this personally, but that is a stupid point I don’t see your point I have an appointment at 3 o’clock with I made my point I was on the point of giving up when I suddenly hit upon the solution I won’t argue that point I’ll have to cancel this appointment I’m not disappointed - just disappointed. important point It is too early to assess, although early indications point to an absence of difficulties it’s a moot point whether ... It’s rude to point at people! key point Life is a great disappointment. Men marry because they are tired women because they are curious. Both are disappointed. Men marry because they are tired women, because they are curious: both are disappointed. moot point/question My point is Neither legislation nor case-law of the highest courts exists on that point Once we have reached that point/stage ... pivotal point point of honor point of purchase point of view Point taken Point taken! pointed lack of interest pointless Precisely which intellectuals of the 20th century were or were not idiots is a moot point short and to the point So what was the point [of the story]? someone’s weak/strong point stick to the point That is a sore point That is a sore point with him That is the point That’s a moot point That’s beside the point That’s not his strong point That’s not the point/question That’s the point That’s the whole point of the exercise The affair has now reached such a point that ... The European model points the way ahead for the world the point the point at issue the point in question The point is ... The point is moot the point of final destination the point of no return the salient point There are two points I’d like to make before I answer your questions There are two points to bear in mind here ... There’s no point in ... / There’s on point in that! There’s no point in arguing There’s no point in reinventing the wheel There’s no point in talking about it any further They asked me point-black This is a case in point This is to confirm the appointment we made on … to agree on many points to appoint somebody comfortably to ask someone point-blank to be beside the point to be on the point of doing something To come straight to the point, ... to come to the point to do something to the point where to earn Brownie points to get off the point to get the idea/point/picture to get to the point to have a point to hold someone at gunpoint to keep an appointment to keep/stick to the point to labor a point to make a good point to make a point of doing something to make a point of something to make an appointment to make one’s point to make the point that to meet with a disappointment to miss the point to miss the point of what someone is saying to not see the point doing something to pinpoint to point a finger at someone/something to point out to point out a mistake to point something out to point to something to press the point to push home one’s point to reach the breaking point to reach the point of no return to refuse point-blank to score a point off over someone to stick to the point to stretch a point to the point up to a point We would like to point out that ... weak point What you say is quite right, but it is beside the point What’s the point anyway? What’s the point? When will that point arrive / be [reached]? You can keep the appointment You have a point there Your point is well taken

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