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raw - Deutsche PhrasenRaw - Deutsche Redewendungen

Die Hunde bellen und die Karawane zieht weiter! die Krawatte zurechtrücken Eine Extrawurst werde ich dir nicht braten Extrawürste wird es für ihn nicht geben Krawatte passend zum Hemd Krawatte, die Krawatte, die gut zum Hemd passt

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raw - Englische PhrasenRaw - Englische Redewendungen

a deep-drawn sigh A drowning man will clutch at a straw a man of straw An illustration of what this means for us, drawing on the example of Europe, will be given at a crawl At the same time the towns began to dispose of their wastewater via the sewage system, with the raw effluent f... creepy-crawly Don’t try to walk before you can crawl! Draw a deep breath! Draw it mild! Draw on our experience! Draw the curtains! drawing card drawn from life drawn in a few bold lines Excuse me, but may I just draw your attention to the fact that ...? Grandma’s old chest of drawers, that velvet settee and giant wing-chair remind us of our childhood He asked to be allowed to withdraw He draws the strength for his diverse projects from a plentiful fund of creative ideas He gave me a raw deal He had a wealth of experience to draw on He had to draw upon the generosity of his friends Hezbollah’s recent kidnapping of Israeli soldiers appears to have been the last straw It’s the last straw that breaks the camel’s back kerb crawler kerb crawling Let’s draw a veil over what happend later on Like draws to like luck of the draw man of straw money withdrawn from circulation not to be worth a straw not worth a button/fig/plugged nickel/straw/tinker’s dam/toss not worth a straw owing to the rise in the price of raw material pub crawling quick on the draw raw material raw recruit She doesn’t care a straw That was the last straw That’s the last straw! The assistent left the drawer slightly ajar The blinds are drawn the cash can be withdrawn The days are drawing in The days draw out The game ended in a draw The game was a draw the last straw the last straw that breaks the camel’s back the luck of the draw The report draws upon several studies and recent statistics the straw that breaks the camel’s back The year draws to a close These toys allow children to draw on their imagination This contract must be drawn up in writing This drawing is held without legal prejudice This new tin opener isn’t worth a straw Time draws near Christmas Time draws on to be back to the drawing board to be out of the top drawer to be quick on the draw to clutch at a straw to clutch at straws to crawl on all fours to crawl on one’s hands and knees over broken glass just to do something to crawl to the bigwigs and bully the underlings to crawl with to draw a bead on somebody/something to draw a blank to draw a bow to draw a deduction to draw a deep breath to draw a line between to draw a long bow to draw a parallel between to draw a red herring across the track to draw away to draw conclusions to draw conclusions from to draw first prize to draw heavily on the credit market to draw in one’s horns to draw level with to draw near to draw oneself up to draw retirement benefits to draw someone aside to draw someone’s attention to something to draw the attention to draw the bow up to the ear to draw the curtain over a thing to draw the line to draw the long bow to draw the short straw to draw to a close to draw upon something to draw/throw a veil over something to end in a draw to get a raw deal to give someone a raw deal to go at a crawl to go back to the drawing-board to go on a pub crawl to go on a pub-crawl to grasp at straws to have a faraway look in one’s eyes To have been well brought up is a great drawback nowadays. It shuts one out from so much. to not care a straw about something to not have drawn a sober breath since to pub-crawl to send someone flying/sprawling to stick in one’s craw to touch a raw nerve to touch someone on the raw to withdraw to withdraw from a treaty/contract to withdraw from working life Would you like me to run/draw a bath for you? You can indeed draw comparisons with the oil spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico You can’t make bricks without straw [Good resolutions] are simply cheques that men draw on a bank where they have no account.

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