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ready - Englische PhrasenReady - Englische Redewendungen

always ready to laugh Anything that has not been sold by book-shops within four to six weeks is already returned Blair is still in power, but Bush is already nostalgic Both German book fairs, in Leipzig and Frankfurt, have already been in existence since the invention of printi... Get ready Get ready at once! Give me a shout when you’re ready! Hands on, ready to lift, and lift Has the vacancy been filled already? He has already passed the three score years and ten He was getting ready to leave He’s already deep in debt to her I’d like to pay my room already I’ll be ready any minute now I’m afraid you’ve had a wasted trip, he has already left I’m already too much in your debt I’ve already done it many times If you have already settled this account please disregard this letter It must be ready by eleven It’s the eleventh hour already! On what terms are you ready to supply? On your mark, ready, go On your mark, ready, go! Order no. 2113 will be ready for delivery as from 24th August 2002. Our products meet with a ready market ready for action Ready for action! ready for use ready money only ready to hand ready wit Ready, set, go! Ready, steady, go! rough and ready rough-and-ready She’s already deep in debt to him So young and already a widow! The collection is already on its way/en route to Germany The dog was already racked by/with the pains of old age The horse has already left the barn The items are in stock and should be ready for dispatch by next Wednesday. The milk has already turned [sour] / gone off The term ’prêt-à-porter’, or ’ready-to-wear’, denotes the large-scale production of ap... The train is already due This matter has already been the subject of extensive correspondence between us to be quite ready to be ready for the fray to be ready with a helping hand to be ready with an excuse to feel ready to take on anything to find a ready market to find everything ready to get ready to get ready to to have a ready tongue to repair something in a rough-and-ready way Today, almost eleven percent of GDP is already being spent on pensions as an average across the EU You have/need to wash your hands first before we are ready to eat Your ’order’ is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will already ’raise itself with a rat...

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