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road - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'road' gefunden

road - Englische PhrasenRoad - Englische Redewendungen

a broad hint a broad laughter a sure road to success All roads lead to Rome along the road at home and abroad at the roadside both at home and abroad broad broad brush approach broad conception of religion broadly speaking by road dead end [street/road] down the line/road End of priority road Get out of the road! He broadened his horizons He got killed in a road accident He lives abroad for the greater part of the year He lives over the road High prices make it worthwhile for prospective buyers to look abroad His face broadened into a grin Hit the road I dropped him a broad hint, but he didn’t catch on to the idea in broad day/daylight in broad daylight It’s as broad as it is long It’s about as broad as it is long It’s about as broad as it’s long It’s all abroad It’s as broad as it is long knight of the road May the road rise to meet you. - May the wind be always at your back. - May the sun shine warm upon your face.... middle-of-the-road One for the road one for the road Participants from abroad are provided free accommodation and a partial reimbursement of their travel expenses Path of priority road Physics is a wide/broad field Please let us know the current freight rate for sea/ rail/ air/ road transport. Railroad crossing railway/railroad crossing with gates Road closed! Road narrows road rage roadhog somewhere down the road Take either road The bus swerved off the road The car veered off the road The company sells 1.1 million cuddly toys every year, half of them abroad The main road bears to the right The road accident left his face disfigured The road is under repair The road to hell is paved with good intentions the road to success The road veers to the right There’s a noise abroad that There’s a rumour abroad that to be broad in the beam to be broader than one is tall to be in the road to be on the road to end up on skid row/road to give a broad hint to give someone a broad hint to go abroad to hit the road to hit the road again to railroad someone into doing something to take a broad view to take to the road toff roader Travel broadens the mind Two cars careered down the road We intend to secure orders from abroad Where does this road go to where the rubber hits the road

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