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short - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'short' gefunden

short - Englische PhrasenShort - Englische Redewendungen

Art is long, life is short as thick as a brick/pigshit/two short planks be on short hours [Am.] by a short head Eat my shorts! Few sandwiches short of a picnic He always gets the short end of the stick He has a short fuse He’s as thick as two short planks housing shortage I have the last three on the list, and should be done shortly I never went short I’m short of breath this month I’m short of cash this month in a short space of time in a short while in short supply keeping it short and sweet Lies have short legs Life is like a kid’s shirt; short and crappy Life is short Life is short, art is long Long story short Make it short! Man have a shorter lifespan than women manpower shortage not far short of Not to be short of a bob or two nothing short of murder on the short run one beer short of a sixpack/one sandwich short of a picnic one brick short of a full load one sandwich short of a picnic short and sweet short and to the point short odds short of money short one short story shortly before So test therefore, who join forever // If heart to heart be found together! // Delusion is short, remorse is l... Take a long walk off a short pier The language is simple, sentences are short, there is much direct speech and colloquial language the long and the short of it The market is now much more short-lived, however There are no short cuts Therefore it is of importance to begin with short exercises and not to exaggerate These essays are very short, so every word must earn its keep They were short of money. Time is getting short time is short to acquire money in the short term to be as thick as a brick/pigshit/two short planks to be as thick as two short planks to be caught short to be caught short by something to be down to the short strokes to be little short of a miracle to be on short time to be on the short list to be one sandwich short of a picnic to be running short of ideas to be running short of patience to be running short of petrol to be short of cash to be short of money to be short of staff/time to be short on experience to be short with someone to be shortlisted to be three short to catch someone short to come short to come short of someone to cut a long story short to cut short to cut someone short to cut something short to draw the short straw to fall short of to fall short of something to give short drift to give someone short shrift to go short of to have a long/short shelf life to have a short fuse to have a short temper to have got someone by the short hairs to have run short of something to have someone by the short and curlies to make a long story short to make it short to make short work of something to not be short of a bob or two to not let one’s children go short to pull up short to run short to sell oneself short to sell someone short to short-change someone to short-list someone to stop short to stop short of doing something to stop someone short to stop something short to take a short run before jumping to take the short bus to wear one’s hair short You are as thick as two short planks

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