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shot - Deutsche PhrasenShot - Deutsche Redewendungen

Sie wohnt in einem Luxushotel mit Blick auf das Meer

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shot - Englische PhrasenShot - Englische Redewendungen

a big shot a good shot a long shot A scuffle breaks out, as a result of which the officer is shot six times a shot across the bows a shot in the dark a shot-gun wedding bad shot big gun/nob/noise/ pot/shot/wig big shots blood-shot blood-shot eyes ear-shot Give it your best shot! half-shot He fired five shots all of which took effect He is a big shot in the government He seeks a job where he is able to call the shots/tune His second novel wasn’t as good as his first, not by a long shot His shot was off target hotshot hotshot solicitor I call the shots! interior shot It’s a long shot, but ... It’s worth a shot It’s your shot like a flash/shot like a shot long shot May you die in bed aged 100 years, shot by a jealous husband moon shot mug shot not by a long shot not to have a shot in the locker not worth powder or shot out of earshot pan shot People have been shot for less People used to say that if I’d shot John Lennon, he’s still be alive today. shot across the bows shot fired in the air shot in the arm shot in the dark shot in the neck shot-gun wedding shot-put shotput shottenherring snap-shot That was a cheap shot The building industry got a £ 50000000 shot in the arm The upshot was that ... to act the big shot to be a long shot to call the shots to fire a shot to get a shot to give it one’s best shot to give someone/something a shot to have a shot at something to ride shotgun to take a potshot What she claimed to be fact was a mere shot in the dark with a shot of scotch within earshot

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