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soft - Deutsche PhrasenSoft - Deutsche Redewendungen

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soft - Englische PhrasenSoft - Englische Redewendungen

A soft answer turneth away wrath as soft as a baby’s bottom But, soft! methinks I scent the morning air fair and softly Hard shell, soft core He has a soft spot for blue-eyed girls He soft-soaped her I must be going soft May the road rise to meet you. - May the wind be always at your back. - May the sun shine warm upon your face.... Prices are softening [hardening] Soft beds are murder on my back soft drink soft option Soft shoulder soft top Softly, softly catchee monkey This software doesn’t run on Windows to apply a soft pedal to be an easy/soft touch to be as soft as shit to be soft in the head to be soft on someone to be soft with/on someone to go soft to go soft on something to have a soft heart to have a soft side to oneself to have a soft spot for someone to soft pedal to soft soap someone to soften to soften up on someone

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