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speech - Englische PhrasenSpeech - Englische Redewendungen

Are you going to make a speech? common speech He had not prepared his speech, and soon he was all at sea He learned the speech by heart but missed the sense entirely His speech contributed hardly anything to answering the question His speech fell flat and was only weakly applauded His speech swayed the elections His speech was tantamount to an admission of guilt. I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigns by tomorrow His speech won over all the critics It left me speechless Speech is silver, but silence is golden Speech is silver, silence is gold stump speeches The language is simple, sentences are short, there is much direct speech and colloquial language The longer the speech, the less thought The speech closes with a remark The term ’amongst’ is less common in standard speech than ’among’ to deliver a speech to give a speech to make an off-the-cuff speech

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