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stop - Deutsche PhrasenStop - Deutsche Redewendungen

ein Loch aufreißen, um ein anderes zu stopfen ein Loch mit dem anderen zustopfen eine Matratze ausstopfen Im stürmischen Kampf ums Dasein verlangt es uns nach etwas Dauerhaftem, und deshalb stopfen wir unsere Hi... sich vollstopfen Stop! vollgestopft vollgestopft mit

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stop - Englische PhrasenStop - Englische Redewendungen

Darling, don’t you have a stop button? He can’t stop talking shop at mealtimes He never stops bragging about his new car He stops at nothing He was stopped by police for speeding I’ll go crazy if it doesn’t stop pissing down soon If you don’t feel like it, [you can] just stop Let’s stop pretending! No stopping or standing Now, now, children, stop fighting! one-stop Say when stop! SBM - Stop bugging me! stop and go traffic Stop beating around the bush! Stop being facetious, we have a serious topic to discuss Stop being such a drama queen! Stop being such a pessimist! Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry for Stop crying! stop dead Stop fiddling! Stop fussing stop hitting on me Stop hitting on me, you dickhead Stop nagging! stop off Stop pumping me! Stop pushing Stop pussyfooting around! Stop talking! Stop the nonsense! Stop thief! There’s no stopping him They changed it just enough to stop it getting boring This stop wasn’t scheduled to jerk to a stop to make a pit stop to not know when/where to stop to pull out all the stops to put a stop to somebody’s game to put a stop to something to stop at nothing to stop behind to stop by someone’s house to stop cold to stop dead in one’s tracks to stop for a bite to eat to stop out to stop over to stop short to stop short of doing something to stop someone from doing something stupid to stop someone in his tracks to stop someone short to stop something short to talk none-stop to try to stop the march of time toilet stop We are a one-stop shop where the buck stops Which number has this stop? Would you please stop tapping your foot! You must have ants in your pants!

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