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subject - Englische PhrasenSubject - Englische Redewendungen

alien from our subject All citizens are subject to the law All in all, this is a very readable book on a subject that is not easy to write about Architecture has been the subject that has dominated the artist’s work But I had finally found someone who was natural about the subject Death is a difficult topic/subject to talk about Don’t change the subject! He has a strong ability to quickly grasp even compext subject matter He is subject to colds He turned the conversation to another subject He was careful not to touch on this subject His subjects range from intoxicated ecstasy to absolute boredom I have no independent opinion on the subject Immigration is subjected to quotas It has been the subject of great controversy Let us drop the subject Let’s change the subject Let’s drop the subject No subject for discussion is barred Please note that our prices are subject to change without notice Prices are subject to change without notice. provisions affecting a subject matter She had the good grace to keep quiet on the subject subject to subject to a month’s notice subject to approval subject to change without notice Subject to change without notice Subject to change! Subject to modification! subject to peer review subject to prior sale The initial order is subject to a discount of 15. the last word on the subject The price is subject to negotiation The right of recourse is subject to a limitation period of one year after the notification of the final judgme... The subject never came up The subject of American credit rating agencies came up the subject on the carpet The subject that dominated the evening was policy This matter has already been the subject of extensive correspondence between us to be an expert on the subject to be at home in a subject to bring up a painful subject to bring up a subject to broach a subject to deal with only one subject to drop a subject to linger on a subject to move to another subject tricky subject

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