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suit - Englische PhrasenSuit - Englische Redewendungen

all-in-one device/person suitable for every purpose all-in-one suit as is suitable for a gentleman birthday-suit Black suits her Do you come with the suite? Does this suit your taste? He’s not suited for a doctor I am looking for a suitable hotel near the station. I can’t think of a suitable example in one’s birthday suit It suits me down to the ground My suitcase is none of you goddam business Suit yourself! That doesn’t suit me at all That doesn’t suit my plans That metallic red Alfa Romeo Spider over there really suits my fancy That suits me to a tee The form of government that is most suitable to the artist is no government at all. They are well suited to each other They only abide by the house rules when they suit their purposes, and ignore them when they don’t This suit is unbecoming to him to be considered / to be suitable to cut one’s coat to suit one’s cloth to file a lawsuit to follow suit to suit someone down to the ground to suit the action to the word to suit the action to the world to suit your fancy to try to suit everybody We will place an order if your prices prove suitable You can’t suit everybody

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