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tea - Deutsche PhrasenTea - Deutsche Redewendungen

Beim Fußball wird alles durch die Anwesenheit des gegnerischen Teams verkompliziert. in unser Team kommen

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tea - Englische PhrasenTea - Englische Redewendungen

a steady wage a storm in a teacup a teacher as to the manner born an out and out teacher Around 600 police used water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray and batons in an operation against over 1,000 demo... Better beg than steal brain teaser crocodile tears Do you also feel a certain amount of pride when you play for the national team? Don’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs! drowned in tears Even our women’s national team often trains together with men false tears full steam ahead Germany is a tournament team! He that will steal a pin, will steal a better thing He that will steal an egg, will steal an ox Her eyes were filled with tears His eyes were wet with tears I always have tea. I come not friends to steale away your hearts. I could do with a cup of tea now I had taken an umbrella with me. It stood me in good stead when the rain began to pour down I learned a lot from teachers and students alike I would there were no age betweene ten and three and twenty, or that youth would sleep out the rest: for there... I wouldn’t go there for all the tea in China! I’m sorry, there is no tea left If one could only teach the English how to talk, and the Irish how to listen, society here would be quite civi... In football everything is complicated by the presence of the opposite team. Instead of almond and fig trees, hotels such as the Atlantis, Sheraton or Alfamar tower up now Instead of worrying about the hereafter, one should rather devote thought to the future of humanity Instead, public life is to be found in car parks and at petrol stations Is there any tea left? It’s a steal at that price It’s a steal! It’s quite another cup of tea Mistakes are often the best teachers near to tears not everyone’s cup of tea/not everyone’s money not for all the tea in China Now and then she burst into tears Persons like that do not belong in teaching Ready, steady, go! She is a real teaser. Slow and steady wins the race Slow and steady wins the race! steady going steal steaming steamy affair/movie tea with a lacing of rum teacher’s pet Teaching adolescents can be quite a challenge tear-jerker tear-purchased Tears were rolling down her cheeks tempest in a teapot That’s not my cup of tea That’s quite another cup of tea The German team produced the top scorer The intruders were disturbed and fled without stealing anything/taking any property The Swedish and Norwegian teams are well respected in Europe The teacher is very encouraging The team showed their true mettle in the second half The teams are evenly matched The teams had a warm-up before the game The trend is to start teaching a second language earlier The university erroneously notified dozens of applicants for its teacher training course that they had been ac... The whole class ganged up on her because she was the teacher’s pet The whole class ganged up on him because he was the teacher’s pet There’s no I in team Those who can’t, teach Thou shalt not steal to bat for the other team/for the opposition to be drenched in tears to be going steady with to be moved to tears to be prone to tears to be someone’s cup of tea to be steaming to be the teacher’s pet to be/get all steamed up to break into a passion of tears to break out in tears to build up/work up a head of steam to burst into tears to dissolve in tears to do something under one’s own steam to fight back one’s tears to get all steamed up to go steady to have company for tea to laugh oneself to tears to laugh till the tears run down one’s cheeks to let off steam to make a good teacher to make a perfect team to move to tears to not be someone’s cup of tea to not be very steady on one’s pins to not shed a tear over someone/something to pick and steal to read tea leaves to reduce someone to tears to run out of steam to shed crocodile tears to shed tears to steal a glance at someone to steal a kiss To steal a march on someone to steal a march on someone to steal away/off to steal into to steal someone’s thunder to steal the show to steal up on someone to steam up to steamroller someone to steamroller something through to teach someone a lesson to teach your grandma to suck eggs to team up with someone to tear one’s hair to tear around to tear someone apart/limb from limb to tear someone off a strip to train as a teacher vale of tears wear and tear Would you like some more tea? You can’t beat a nice cup of tea You can’t teach an old dog new tricks You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

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