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All that’s nonsense All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his. and that’s not all Avoiding weight regain, that’s the name of the game when dieting But that’s the whole point of doing it! Don’t ask me about it, that’s her department He lost his keys, that’s him all over! He that’s resolved to beat a dog, never wants long a stick I don’t have to find the answer to the question. That’s your baby Now that’s going too far That’s a back-breaking work That’s a bit fishy That’s a bit much! That’s a bit stiff! That’s a bit thick That’s a bit thick! That’s a contradiction in terms: The Federal Government delivers arms in order to maintain world peace That’s a crock! That’s a different kettle of fish That’s a different matter That’s a different story That’s a drop in the ocean That’s a feather in his cap That’s a feather in your cap That’s a fine „how d’ye do“! That’s a good one! That’s a horse of a different color That’s a lazy man’s load That’s a legitimate question That’s a live wire That’s a load of trash! That’s a lot, even by our standards That’s a matter of argument That’s a matter of opinion That’s a minor matter That’s a moot point That’s a perfect fit That’s a permanent state for her That’s a piece of cake That’s a poor comparison That’s a pretty kettle of fish That’s a pretty kettle of fish! That’s a pretty mess! That’s a puzzler That’s a solution of striking simplicity That’s a tall order That’s a wine for you! that’s about the gauge of it That’s about the size of it That’s above my head That’s all folks! That’s all grist to his mill That’s all history now That’s all I needed That’s all my eye and Betty Martin That’s all part of my job That’s all pie in the sky That’s all very true, but ... That’s an absolute scream! That’s an odd thing That’s ancient/past history now That’s another pair of sleeves That’s another question That’s another story That’s another turn of the screw That’s anyone’s guess That’s as clear as mud That’s as plain as the nose on your face That’s asking for trouble That’s asking too much that’s bad luck That’s beneath him That’s beside the point That’s between you and me and the lamppost That’s beyond me That’s beyond my power That’s coming it strong That’s crap That’s crazy! That’s daylight robbery That’s dead and buried That’s deadly boring That’s done it! That’s down my alley That’s enough now! That’s exactly why I’m asking! That’s existing, not living! that’s fantastic That’s fine by/with me! That’s for certain that’s for the birds That’s getting me down That’s going to far That’s going too far That’s good news! That’s good to hear! That’s half the battle That’s half the battle! That’s handy / convenient / a stroke of luck That’s hardly fair! That’s hardly surprising That’s him all over! That’s him down to the ground! That’s his blind side That’s hunky-dory That’s it to a T That’s just about the limit! That’s just as well That’s just as well! That’s just dandy! That’s just like him That’s just like you That’s just like you! That’s just not done That’s just not done! That’s just plain criminal That’s just splitting hairs That’s just the way it is That’s just window-dressing That’s life! That’s mere child’s play That’s more like it! That’s more likely That’s my affair That’s my baby! That’s my business That’s my business! That’s my cue to explain why I’m here that’s my prerogative That’s nasty! That’s neither here nor there That’s news to me That’s no advantage to you! That’s no big deal That’s no business of yours! That’s no comfort to me That’s no good That’s no good/use to man or beast That’s no laughing matter That’s no piece of cake That’s no way to behave! That’s no way to talk! That’s none of your business That’s none of your business! That’s none of your goddamn business! That’s not my province That’s not exactly news That’s not funny That’s not half bad That’s not his strong point That’s not how I’d visualised things That’s not in keeping with his position That’s not in my line That’s not my cup of tea That’s not my pigeon That’s not respectable That’s not the issue That’s not the point/question That’s not to be sneezed at That’s not to our taste That’s not what he said first That’s not worth mentioning That’s nothing That’s nothing to be proud of That’s nothing to me That’s nothing to what is to come That’s nothing to you That’s nuts to him That’s of no advantage to you That’s of no consequence That’s of no importance That’s old hat! That’s one way of doing it That’s one way of putting it That’s only fair That’s out of the question That’s outrageous That’s over and done with That’s over for good That’s over my head That’s pretty steep! That’s pushing it a bit! That’s putting it mildly That’s quite another cup of tea That’s quite another matter That’s quite enough That’s quite neat That’s quite possible That’s saying a lot That’s saying something! That’s self-evident That’s sheer madness That’s small beer That’s small comfort That’s small potatoes That’s splitting hairs That’s stretching it too far! That’s strictly forbidden That’s the absolute truth That’s the best lay I’ve ever had That’s the crux of the matter That’s the end of it That’s the fly in the ointment! That’s the fun of it That’s the last straw! That’s the last thing I needed That’s the latest fashion fad That’s the limit That’s the lurid limit! That’s the name of the game That’s the nearest I ever got to That’s the nearest I ever got to That’s the nigger in the woodpile That’s the other half of the bargain That’s the pay-off That’s the point That’s the snag! That’s the spirit! That’s the way he likes/wants it That’s the way the ball bounces/the cookie crumbles That’s the way the cookie crumbles That’s the whole point of the exercise That’s throwing good money after bad That’s to deep for me That’s to my advantage That’s too bad! That’s too deep for me That’s too quick for me That’s torn it! That’s totally over the top! That’s true, of course That’s understood That’s utter bollocks! That’s very good of you That’s very unlike him That’s way over my head That’s what gets me That’s what gives it that extra something That’s what I call smart that’s what it is all about That’s where he comes into his own That’s where he scores that’s why That’s why I go to the fitness centre regularly now That’s why you’re here That’s your pigeon That’s [for] definite True, and that’s precisely/exactly why I don’t want to take any risks Yes, you will sometimes make a bad bargain. But that’s what business is all about

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