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them - Deutsche PhrasenThem - Deutsche Redewendungen

Alles in allem ist es ein sehr gut lesbares Buch über ein nicht ganz leichtes Thema altbekanntes Streitthema Architektur ist das Thema, das die Arbeit des Künstlers bestimmt aus etwas ein großes Thema machen bei einem Thema verweilen beim Thema bleiben Dabei hatte ich endlich jemanden gefunden, der normal mit dem Thema umging Das bestimmende Thema des Abends war Politik das Thema fallenlassen Das Thema kam nie zur Sprache das Thema verfehlen das Thema wechseln das Thema, das gerade diskutiert wird Der Konflikt zwischen Gut und Böse ist das eigentliche Thema des Films Der Tod ist ein schwieriges Gesprächsthema Die Liberalen schlachten das Ausländerthema aus ein Thema ins Gespräch bringen ein Thema zur Sprache bringen Er brachte die Rede auf ein anderes Thema Er hütete sich, dieses Thema zu erwähnen Er ist gut in Mathematik Es ist kein Diskussionsthema ausgeschlossen Für mich ist das Thema erledigt heißes Thema In dieser thematischen und formalen Zuspitzung ist viel politischer Stoff zu finden: das Geld, die Gentechnik,... Lass uns das Thema wechseln Lassen wir das Thema Lassen wir das Thema fallen Lenk nicht [vom Thema] ab! mit einem Thema nicht aufhören wollen nicht auf Bereiche zugeordnete Aufwendungen und Erträge aus Pensionsthemen nicht zum Thema gehörend nur ein Thema behandeln Seine Themen erstrecken sich von rauschhafter Ekstase bis absoluter Langeweile Sie reiten immer auf dem gleichen alten Thema herum Sie war so taktvoll, das Thema nicht anzusprechen Unsere Ansichten zum Thema liegen weit auseinander unter einem bestimmten Thema bzw. Motto stehend vom Thema abkommen vom Thema ablenken vom Thema abschweifen weit entfernt von unserem Thema Wir dürfen nicht zulassen, dass die Konservativen das Europathema besetzen [Männliches Gegenstück zur chick lit junge, selbst- und modebewusste Frau aus Manhatten, London, Be...

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them - Englische PhrasenThem - Englische Redewendungen

as good/bad/clever as they come/as they make them Children are like flowers, you have to bend right down to them to recognize them. Children begin by loving their parents. After a time they judge them. Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them. dinner theme party Don’t cross your bridges before you come to them! Don’t cross your bridges until you come to them Forgive them for they know not what they do! Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us! Formerly we used to canonise our heroes. The modern method is to vulgarise them. God helps those who help themselves have declared themselves bankrupt He had them rolling in the aisles He is good at mathematics He may have many faults, but dishonesty isn’t one of them He was as drunk as the rest of them Heaven helps them who help themselves How do you like them apples? How fond women are of doing dangerous things! […] It is one of the qualities in them that I admire most. A wom... I called the office to update them on the day’s developments I haven’t seen either of them I love animals, so I don’t eat them I’ll give them a run for their money I’ll knock all that nonsense out of them I’ve tried to convince them, but it’s no go If you can’t beat them, join them! It is just putting them off until Doomsday It’s war to the knife between them John, Jack and all the rest of them Let them have it! Listeners hear no good of themselves Listeners never hear any good of themselves Much political material is to be found in this thematic and formal exaggeration: money, genetic engineering an... Nay, we must think men are not Gods, Nor of them looke for such observancie as fits the Bridall. No matter what we tell them, they will smell a rat No one will admit it was them. Nothing was said between them Only the shallow know themselves. Our mattresses are so filthy you could grow cabbages on them People are afraid of themselves, nowadays. People are very fond of giving away what they need most themselves. It is what I call the depth of generosity. Sincere thanks are given to [them] all Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves Take care of the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves The company sells 1.1 million cuddly toys every year, half of them abroad The conflict between good and evil is the underlying theme of the film The Liberals exploit the immigration theme The well-bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves. Them that asks no questions isn’t told a lie themed There are a limited number of these, and this scarcity makes them in demand There are many things I want, and the only way I will get them is to keep my head down, listen to the right pe... There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up. There has never been much understanding between them There’s no love lost between them These and others like them are the questions I keep hearing These statistics speak for themselves They agreed among themselves They enjoyed themselves tremendously They have publicly divested themselves of arms They made themselves scarce They must not take decisions involving themselves They never miss a chance to make an exhibition of themselves They only abide by the house rules when they suit their purposes, and ignore them when they don’t They themselves were astonished They went besides themselves Things always seem to happen when you least expect them Time shall unfold what plaited cunning hides: Who cover faults, at last shame them derides. to keep them straight Unselfishness is letting other people’s lives alone, not interfering with them. We don’t sell them singly We must not allow the Conservatives to monopolize the theme of Europe We’ve got them on the run When I like people immensely, I never tell their names to any one. It is like surrendering a part of them. Where have all the flowers gone / Long time passing? / Where have all the flowers gone / Long time ago? / ... With stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain With subtle and finely wrought temperaments it is always so. Their strong passions must either bruise or bend.... with the theme ... Women love us for our defects. If we have enough of them, they will forgive us everything, even our intellects... Women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them You do pick them! You won’t get much change out of them!

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