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these - Deutsche PhrasenThese - Deutsche Redewendungen

eine These aufstellen Nicht üppig genug: die Schauspielerin muss eine Po-Prothese tragen

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these - Englische PhrasenThese - Englische Redewendungen

apart from these mistakes Are these bits scrap? Are you sure these documents belong together? Being aware of these problems is, however, not enough Can I take these? Do not be angry at me on account of these words Have these seats been taken? However, these benefits are offset by significant risks I assume that these facts are known I don’t like these never-ending discussions If these projections are any close to accurate, it would be a great success in these circumstances in these quarters Of these two theories I prefer the former Often enough, however, these well-intended pictures fail to grapple with the actual problems Scepticism is perfectly appropriate if one considers these trends She wouldn’t have the slightest truck with these people Some viewers may find these scenes disturbing The catch is that these two dishes do not come from India The cause of these neurodegenerative diseases is still largely unknown. There are a limited number of these, and this scarcity makes them in demand There are even collections of these borrowed words and a large number are correctly derived These and others like them are the questions I keep hearing These are fine doings! These buildings are scheduled for demolition These days you can’t afford to be lackadaisical about data security These essays are very short, so every word must earn its keep These figures cannot disguise/hide/obscure the fact that ... These findings are open to challenge These images constantly fill our screens these kind of people These pills did me no good These plans are destined to fail These problems do not have a simple remedy These shoes used to be my grandmother’s These statistics speak for themselves These tasks were entrusted to a private firm These toys allow children to draw on their imagination These two are a good match Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. to add a remark in parentheses under these circumstances Unfortunately these articles are no longer available/are out of stock We will certainly have to take a closer look at these problems in the future When these are on the loose Which of these dishes could I eat? Why all these questions? You can’t beat these prices

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