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touch - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'touch' gefunden

touch - Englische PhrasenTouch - Englische Redewendungen

a nice touch a touch of romance at the touch of a button Can you touch-type? deeply touched Don’t touch me with your dick beaters! Don’t touch! Everything he touches turns to gold get in touch with He has touched a sore spot He sounded a touch upset on the phone He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled He was careful not to touch on this subject I have a touch of the flu I wouldn’t touch him/it with a bargepole! I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole I wouldn’t touch that! I wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole If you are not in receipt of a questionnaire but would like to complete one, please get in touch with us it was touch and go It was touch and go wether the child would survive It was touch-and-go whether ... It was touchandgo whether I passed my exams keep in touch with Keep in touch with the market Keep in touch! lose touch with Make sure not to touch anything! My husband hasn’t touched me since I gave birth Now I’m finally putting the finishing touches to it out of touch with reality Please get in touch with our secretary, Mrs Barnes. She has the common touch the touch of a master there’s nothing to touch They can’t touch me to be an easy/soft touch to be cold/hot to the touch to be out of touch to be out of touch with the real world to be out of touch with things to be touched in the head to get a touch of the jitters to get in touch with to give something a personal touch to have lost touch with someone to have the right touch to have the right touch with someone/something to keep in touch to kick something into touch to leave something untouched to live in close touch with nature to lose one’s touch to make a touch to not be able to touch someone/something to not touch a hair of someone’s head to put the finishing touches on to touch a chord to touch a raw nerve to touch a sore spot to touch base to touch bottom to touch glasses to touch somebody up to touch someone on the raw to touch someone up to touch someone’s heart to touch up one’s make-up to touch wood touch of the flu Touch wood! touch-and-go touched in the head You touched his weak spot

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