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tree - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'tree' gefunden

tree - Englische PhrasenTree - Englische Redewendungen

A tree must be bent while it is young An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree As the tree is, so is the fruit dead end [street/road] family tree Go climb a tree! He could charm the birds from the trees He cut me dead in the street He had too little capital and was soon up a gum-tree He has made a fortune and is on easy street now He is barking up the wrong tree I didn’t fall off a Christmas tree If you think it is Peter’s fault, you’re barking up the wrong tree Instead of almond and fig trees, hotels such as the Atlantis, Sheraton or Alfamar tower up now It’s a busy street It’s Lombard Street to a China orange Lightning strikes more trees than blades of grass May your coffin be made of the wood of the tree I’ll plant tomorrow! Money doesn’t grow on trees not to see the wood for the trees on the streets oney doesn’t grow on trees out of one’s tree Passers-by and local residents doubt the necessity of the radical clear-cutting of trees in the area Put not thy hand between the bark and the tree! She is street-smart street smarts streetcar-token The apple never falls far from the tree The bank is just across the way/street from the gun shop The Experts are barking up the wrong tree by focusing on this method the man in the street The mostly homeless cast came straight from the street to the stage, where they’re more than at home now The other day I saw Barry driving down the High street in his new car The silhouettes of the trees stood out against the clear night sky The streets are paved with gold the top of the tree The tree is known by its fruit This job is right up my street to bark up the wrong tree to be as tall as a tree to be at the top of the ladder/of the tree to be barking up the wrong tree to be in Queer Street to be on easy street to be out of one’s tree to be right up someone’s street to be streetwise to be up a tree/up the creek to be up a gum tree to become a streetwalker to climb about in the trees to cut a heart into a tree to decorate the Christmas tree to not see the forest /wood for the trees to pound the pavement/streets to pound the streets to run up and down the street to run up the street to shake the pagoda tree to walk the streets tree hugger tree of knowledge tree of life You can’t see the forest/wood for the trees You cannot shift an old tree without it dying

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