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turn - Deutsche PhrasenTurn - Deutsche Redewendungen

Deutschland ist eine Turniermannschaft! fit wie ein Turnschuh naturnah leben

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turn - Englische PhrasenTurn - Englische Redewendungen

A bad penny always turns up a friendly turn a good turn a good turnout A lost opportunity never returns A soft answer turneth away wrath a turn in one’s favor All my children turned out to have nits. And what about the return flight Anything that has not been sold by book-shops within four to six weeks is already returned Are you turning the tables on me? Around 20 of the total fashion turnover is generated by online business at every turn by return of post By rights, it should be my turn next Do a good turn daily empties returned will be credited Everything he touches turns to gold Everything will turn out all right gross turnover Have I spoken out of turn? He really turns me on He returned to square one He turned a deaf ear to my advice He turned the conversation to another subject He turns the tables He was turned out of the house, bag and baggage Heribert is a clever boy who can turn his hand to anything his affection was not returned However this figure is turned or twisted, the dilemma remains the same with all the attributions: ’What ... I hope he reciprocates/returns my affection/love I left no stone unturned I offered to invite him for a meal in return for his help, but he was having none of it I turn an honest penny I was lucky things didn’t turn out worse I will cue you when it’s your turn If the bear’s track turns red, even cowardly dogs’ gain courage It is a long lane that has no turning It turned out to be right It’s not fit to turn a dog out It’s turning the world upside down It’s your turn Let me now turn briefly to the question/problem of ... Make a left turn Man is the head, but woman turns it Many happy returns of the day Maybe this superficial, sloppy, loudmouthed aspect is Catholic? The feeling everything could still turn out al... My stomach turns at this sight My turn will come No U-turns! Not getting the job turned out to be a blessing in disguise on my return One good turn deserves another page-turner Perhaps we could return to your question later on Please reply without delay/ by return of post quicker than lager turns to piss return from a journey Return of Investment return ticket/round-trip ticket She has turned over a new leaf and is no longer involved in any scandals someone/something turns one on Success has turned his head That’s another turn of the screw The big question is: can he turn things around by Easter? The big question is: can she turn things around by Christmas? The cake hasn’t quite turned out as I’d hoped/intended The day turned out to be a fine one The gangster boss was determined to kill the courier once he had served his turn The milk has already turned [sour] / gone off The more radical they turn out to be, the more extreme the protest as well the point of no return The shit turns me bananas The tables are turned The tide has turned The worm has turned They returned home on account of bad weather They say I slept with seven Miss Worlds but I didn’t. It was only four. I didn’t turn up for the o... Things may take a turn yet This time I will turn a blind eye to it, but ... This will serve my turn This won’t serve my turn to be a turn-off to be a turn-up for the book/books to be/turn topsy-turvy to do a flip-flop/U-turn on something to do a handbrake turn to do someone a good/bad turn to give someone a turn to give the screw a turn to have one’s legs turn to jelly to have taken a wrong turning to keep turning up like a bad penny to leave no stone unturned to miss a turn to never do a hand’s turn to put/turn the clock back to reach the point of no return to return blow for blow to return empty-handed to return like for like to return the like to return to the fold to return to the land to take a nasty turn to take a turn for the worse to take turns to do something/at doing something to turn a blind eye to turn a deaf ear to turn a deaf ear to somebody to turn an honest penny to turn back the clock to turn cat in pan to turn down the bed/sheet to turn everything into a joke to turn everything topsy-turvy to turn everything upside down to turn for the better to turn for the worse to turn in to turn inside out to turn into cash to turn nasty to turn on the charm to turn on the heels to turn on the waters to turn on the waterworks to turn one off to turn one on to turn one’s back on someone to turn one’s coat to turn one’s hand to something to turn out the light to turn out the lights to turn out to be a blessing in disguise to turn over to turn over a new leaf to turn over in one’s grave to turn over something to turn pale to turn someone out to grass to turn someone’s head to turn something inside out to turn something to account to turn sour to turn swords into plowshares to turn tail and run to turn the corner to turn the other cheek to turn the screw on someone to turn the tables to turn the water off at the mains to turn to dust to turn to good account to turn up one’s nose at to turn up one’s toes to turn up the heat to turn upside down to turn white to turn/let/set loose to turn/shove someone out of the door to turn/twist the knife to wait one’s turn to yield a good return turn for the better/worse turn of events turn of mind Turn off the radio! Turn on the light Turn on your mind! turn somebody’s brain head Turn that awful racket down, will you! turn-off turn-on turncoat Two of the men turned out to have family problems Wait your turn! We left no stone unturned When the defendant heard his life sentence he didn’t turn a hair When you don’t know what to do, turn to Jim for advice Whose turn is it next? without turning a hair You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip You never know how things turn out

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