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used - Englische PhrasenUsed - Englische Redewendungen

A rather formal tone is used in business correspondence Around 600 police used water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray and batons in an operation against over 1,000 demo... as it used to be bodily injury caused by negligence Caution! Live ammunition is being used. Fermentation residues can be used as fertilizers Firefighters used water and foam Formerly we used to canonise our heroes. The modern method is to vulgarise them. He asked to be excused He paused to let his words sink in He refused to answer questions for fear he might incriminate himself He was ill used His report caused a sensation I feel used I used every means to gain my ends I used to think ambition the great thing. It is not. Love is the great thing in the world. There is nothing bu... In my day children used to have more respect for their elders It may be used most commonly used Nobody used it People used to say that if I’d shot John Lennon, he’s still be alive today. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused She coyly refused to say anything more about it She is not amused She paused, afraid lest she say too much She refused to believe it She refused to let him ensnare her with his charm The damage can’t have been caused accidentally The language used is complicated and readers will have to work hard to understand it The material will be used for intelligence purposes only The Mayor and his cohorts have abused their positions of power The new website needs getting used to The preparation should not be used after expiration date The server has refused the connection The thatcher is used in the spring. It does a good job of aerating the lawn There used to be ghosts in this house These shoes used to be my grandmother’s They are not amused This information is provided for intelligence purposes only and must not be used in court to be used to to feel used to get used to used cars We apologise for the trouble caused We used to live in the country You can hardly tell now by looking at a mobile phone that it can also be used for phoning in the original sens... You get used to it

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