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Die letzte Frage des Interviews hat mich komplett irritiert Dieses Interview war vielleicht eine Tortur

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At the end of the interview I was totally fazed by the last question bird’s eye view Bird’s-eye-view But once approached, he joined in just like almost all the interviewees close-up view Every crisis should be viewed/seen as an opportunity from my point of view Hello to our viewers Her future was at stake at this interview I have other views for my child I take a critical view of it I’m afraid, I can’t share your view in plain view in view of in view of the occasion More than a hundred fan clubs around the world read about his adventures and exchange views on fan pages point of view She’s staying in a luxury hotel with a view of the ocean Some viewers may find these scenes disturbing subject to peer review That interview was sheer torture That question is beyond/outside my purview The lights go down, the curtain rises and reveals the view of the stage The novel might be viewed as a documentation of a personal evolution There was nobody in view to advance a view to form a view on to get the worm’s eye view of something to have decided views to have in view to hold a view to hold the view to keep in view to take a broad view to take a dim view of something to take a jaundiced view of something to take a long view to take the long view to view the world We hold very diverse views on the topic With a view over the lakes With wonderful views over the mountains worm’s-eye view You shouldn’t take such a serious view of things

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