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week - Englische PhrasenWeek - Englische Redewendungen

40 per cent of Canadians worship on a weekly basis a week’s grace Anything that has not been sold by book-shops within four to six weeks is already returned are due any week now before the week is out by the week By this time next week I’ll be on holiday Can you deliver by the end of the week? Christmas is a week off Delivery will take three weeks. during the three-week absence Enjoy the weekend! Five weeks have elapsed since ... For orders within the next five weeks we grant an early-order discount of 15 for the week/ month of … for three weeks from 14th May Four weeks before the performance, we began dress rehearsals Have a nice weekend! He died only a few weeks after his birthday on 25 September He has known me for all of three weeks now He says he’ll give me the money next week but I think he’s just stalling for time He’s away on a business trip and won’t be back until next week I am going on a long journey and won’t be home for a few weeks I can hardly wait for the weekend I have been happily married for 4 weeks I must get down to reading Pia’s article which she sent me one weeks ago I must get round to cleaning my car next weekend I’ll arrive a week tomorrow I’m free all next week I’ve missed the train every single day this week If you must have a binge, make it Friday evening - that way you’ll have the whole weekend to recover It will take about two/three weekdays to process your order My cousin is coming over from England next week Next week, he will make his last appearance for the club not until next week Only three weeks left to register Please allow for at least two weeks’ notice Rarely does a week go by when there isn’t a news story about it She has known me for all of four weeks now She says she’ll give me the money next week but I think she’s just stalling for time The player was banned for four weeks The ship got under way last week The smell lingers for about three weeks the week before last This is not scheduled for this week to ask for a week’s leave to execute the order by the end of next week two weeks running We had a nice weekend trip We’ll be doing that next week Who wrote the minutes for last week’s meeting? You can take a bath a week after the surgery You’re looking at one week [in] the following week

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