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whole - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'whole' gefunden

whole - Englische PhrasenWhole - Englische Redewendungen

a harmonious whole a whole complete in itself a whole new ballgame a whole string of examples But that’s the whole point of doing it! He put the whole plan in a nutshell Here is the whole story I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but the whole thing looks very suspicious If you must have a binge, make it Friday evening - that way you’ll have the whole weekend to recover In fact the whole of Japan is a pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people. in whole or in part It opened up a whole new world to me It’s a whole other world out there Let’s go the whole hog! My son made a meal of tidying his bedroom. It took him 2 whole hours, when he could have done it in 20 minutes on the whole One ill weed mars a whole pot of pottage One pizza with the whole works, please One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel out of whole cloth That’s the whole point of the exercise the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth the whole bag of tricks the whole blessed day the whole boiling the whole boiling/caboodle/shebang/shoot/shooting match The whole business stinks! The whole class ganged up on her because she was the teacher’s pet The whole class ganged up on him because he was the teacher’s pet The whole day was a virtual disaster The whole is more than the sum of its parts the whole kit and caboodle the whole kit and kaboodle the whole nine yards The whole of Europe looks in envy at us the whole outfit the whole schmear The whole shebang the whole stuff the whole table The whole thing is a source of some embarrassment to us The whole thing is off The whole thing looks fishy the whole works throughout the whole year to be a a whole new ball game to be fed up with the whole shebang to be in a whole new ball game to deal wholesale and retail to go over the whole ground to go the whole hog to go the whole nine yards to open a whole new can of worms to run through the whole gamut of feelings to sell [at] wholesale to spring-clean the whole house We buy our goods wholesale We carry on a wholesale business We’ll need the whole bag of tricks for repairing your car What’s the whole amount? whole life annuity wholesome meal You don’t have to tell the whole world about it

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