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a little rift within the lute Anything that has not been sold by book-shops within four to six weeks is already returned cross-border financing within groups For orders within the next five weeks we grant an early-order discount of 15 Frequent errors detract from clarity within the text He came within a whisker of getting fired He holds/has a special place within the family He is within a whisker of achieving it He is within an ace I was within an ace of falling I would call criticism a creation within a creation. It’s within my grasp It’s within walking distance payment will be made by transfer within 12 days after receipt of goods The front-runner within the EU is France, followed by Sweden and Spain They do this not only at the local level but also within the European Union This German foundation is wholly dedicated to promoting dialogue within Eastern Europe and between Eastern and... to be born within the sound of Bow Bells to be within someone’s grasp to be within spitting distance of a place to be within the bounds/realms of possibility to be/come within an ace of winning to celebrate within the family circle to celebrate within the family circle / with one’s close friends to come within an inch of bankruptcy to deliver within the agreed time to fall within someone’s power to have within reach to keep within to keep within a limit to keep within bounds to keep within compass to live within one’s income We must live within our means We will pay within the stipulated time within 8 days after receipt of order within an ace within an ace of within an agreed period within an inch within arm’s reach within bounds within doors within earshot within easy reach within four days from receipt of order within hail within living memory within one’s reach within someone’s grasp within the compass of one’s powers within the framework of existing legislation Within the framework of the proposed urban-planning development within the next two days within the pales of the Church within the sound of Bow bell within the stipulated time within walking distance

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