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you’re - Deutsche PhrasenKeine deutschen Redewendungen mit 'you’re' gefunden

you’re - Englische PhrasenYou’re - Englische Redewendungen

Constantly enjoy life! You’re longer dead than alive! Don’t halloo till you’re out of the wood! Dopey mare, why don’t you watch where you’re going! Give me a shout when you’re ready! I dare say you’re right I don’t wonder you’re tired. You’ve had a busy day I see where you’re going with this I smell where you’re stepping I think you’re having me on I’m afraid you’re wrong If I’ve understood you correctly, you’re saying that ...? If you think it is Peter’s fault, you’re barking up the wrong tree If you’re born to hang, you won’t drown If you’re not with us, you’re against us It’s not nearly as bad as that - you’re making a mountain out of a molehill It’s your decision, but I warn you, you’re making a big mistake Lady you’re a real pain Let me know how you’re doing Look where you’re going! Mind what you’re doing! My, you’re fussy! Now you’re asking me one! Now you’re one of the family Now you’re talking sense Now you’re talking! One false move and you’re dead! Say you’re sorry That’s why you’re here the people whose children you’re speaking to There you’re mistaken Until you’re blue in the face! What an object you’re What do you mean fully booked? You’re bloody joking! whatever you’re talking about Who do you think you’re talking to? You can talk until you’re blue in the face! You don’t know what you’re talking about! You know you’re getting older when the candles cost more than the cake! You’re a brick You’re a complete and utter pig! You’re a gem! You’re a long time dead You’re a lucky beggar! You’re a Milquetoast! You’re a pain in the ass You’re a pain in the neck You’re all wet! You’re always on my mind you’re always spouting off about love You’re as useless as a chocolate fireguard You’re asking for trouble You’re being preposterous you’re better off dead You’re certain to need help You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t You’re distracting me from my work You’re driving me mad! You’re entitled to your own opinion You’re flogging a dead horse You’re free to go You’re full of shit! You’re having me on! You’re heaven-sent! You’re in a rut You’re in such a stinking mood today You’re just a two-bit quack doctor You’re just scared You’re just talking You’re looking at one week You’re looking for a needle in a haystack You’re not making sense You’re not missing much You’re not serious, are you? You’re not talking sense! You’re not the only pebble on the beach You’re not very quick on the trigger! you’re nuts You’re off your heads - the lot of you! You’re off your rocker! You’re out of your cotton-pickin’ mind! You’re out of your tiny mind. You’re playing with fire! You’re probably aware of it You’re pulling my leg You’re putting me on! You’re really getting on my wick You’re really piling it on with the compliments today! You’re really terrible! You’re seriously making me sick! You’re sitting on a powder keg You’re so anal! You’re soaking! You’re still a sissy You’re still in the doghouse You’re talking through your hat when you say that he’s bankrupt You’re very much mistaken there! You’re wasting your breath You’re way off! You’re welcome You’re winding me up You’ve got five minutes to catch the bus. You’re cutting it rather fine

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